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Dolly Sods Wilderness ranger station[1] is an unmarked location in the Mire region of Appalachia.


A path leads from the park entrance to this two-story cabin, which has a tinker's workbench on the porch outside. The ground floor consists of a large open plan living and dining area with a fireplace and an adjoining combined kitchen and dining area. There are three rooms on the second floor - a bedroom with four bunk beds, a bedroom with a single bed and Ranger Trujillo's terminal, and a locked storeroom (Picklock 2). The storeroom contains a mole costume consisting of a tattered mole head, tattered mole outfit and mole miner gauntlet.

Notable loot

  • Almost done - Note, on a table in the living room.
  • One potential Vault-Tec bobblehead - Upstairs, in the bedroom with bunkbeds, on a table.
  • One potential magazine - In the northwest bathroom, on the ground floor, on top of the toilet.
  • Tattered mole outfit and head - Behind a Picklock 2 locked door, upstairs. Alternatively, the room can also be reached by taking a running jump off a nearby cliff onto the cabin roof, then dropping through the roof into the locked room.
  • Potential weapon plan - On a table in the locked room upstairs.
  • Two potential weapon mods:
    • On the second floor, inside the locked room upstairs, on a desk to the right.
    • Inside the room with the tattered mole outfit and head mentioned above, on the top shelf.


Dolly Sods Wilderness ranger station appears only in Fallout 76.