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Save the bleach dogwoods.

Event: Dogwood Die Off is an event in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Find and load fertilizer into three aerosolizers around the Toxic Valley.

Detailed walkthrough

The player character is directed to supply three aerosolizer units at the three farms within the central Toxic Valley. Though a relatively simple task, the main difficulty stems from the sheer distance required to travel to both acquire the fertilizer and deliver them to the aerosolizers, as well as the various enemies that can be potentially encountered when delivering them, such as radscorpions, super mutants, yao guai, and more.

The player character will require at least three bags of fertilizer, procured either from looting them out in the world or following the optional objective to various steamer trunks in the Toxic Valley.

These trunks are typically defended by a boss-type enemy and usually hold about three to five bags of fertilizer, more than enough to accomplish the task.

It is critical to remember that since the bag of fertilizer is a junk item, it will be scrapped if one chooses to scrap all their junk. The event requires specifically a bag of fertilizer, and waste fertilizer will not suffice.

Once the fertilizer has been acquired, one must simply approach each aerosolizer and use the 'Activate' prompt. One bag of fertilizer will be consumed and the objective will be completed, with the event concluding once all three aerosolizer units have been loaded with one bag of fertilizer each.

Occasionally, one of the aerosolizer units will be damaged and require a repair prior to being loaded with fertilizer. This requires either the use of components or passing a [+8] Luck check.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Optional: Get Fertilizer.Grafton's mayor has asked me to save the bleach dogwoods by spreading fertilizer using the farm aerosolizers.
Load fertilizer into Becker farm aerosolizer.
Load fertilizer into Smith farm aerosolizer.
Load fertilizer into Graninger farm aerosolizer.


  • Bleach dogwood
  • Random ammo
  • Random aid item
  • Random plan/armor/mod/weapon
  • Chance for legendary weapon/armor


PCPC Traveling to some of the optional event locations for acquiring the bags of fertilizer will kick the player from the event. Rejoining the event, e.g. by traveling to a known event location, is impossible, preventing the player from finishing the event. The workaround is to make sure to have three bags of fertilizer in the character's inventory before joining the event.