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Docile is an achievement/trophy in the Fallout 4 add-on Wasteland Workshop.


Have five tamed creatures in a settlement.


  • Creatures are counted as "tamed" by releasing a trapped creature in the presence of an activated beta wave emitter. It will take several seconds of remaining docile outside of the cage's confines (they do not spawn into the settlement until the closed cage is opened by shutting off the power) for the creature to count as "tamed." Consequently, rank 1 of the Animal Friend and Wasteland Whisperer perks are required to obtain this achievement, as these are necessary to build the emitter.
  • This achievement will not unlock if attempted with domestic animals, such as house cats or gorillas.
  • Many of the creatures will be immediately hostile towards one another if released in close proximity, fighting to the death regardless of the beta wave emitter. Therefore, five may not be sufficient to trigger the achievement in practice. They will either have to be released in such a way that they cannot aggro one another (behind walls and/or far enough away, which makes networking wiring difficult due to the walls obstructing the power connectors on top of the cages) or released all at once in such numbers that even with some of them fighting enough will remain docile to trigger the achievement (preferably with one of every cage as part of the Trapper achievement).
  • Creatures are hostile only towards a different kind of creature. So another way to gain the achievement is to "tame" five of the same kind. Since tamed creatures also provide defense, for a large settlement like Sanctuary you can tame five Deathclaws for example. Those will efficiently defend against any foe.

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