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Doc Crocker's house is an unmarked location in Diamond City in 2287. It belongs to Doc Crocker.


This house in the city's infield (on Second Street) betrays its owner's fine taste and relative wealth. The building consists of three floors, with an exit on the third floor to the roof. The first floor comprises a living area with seating and Doc's Novice-locked terminal. The second floor is the bedroom, with a washer, a dryer, and an ammo box and two first aid boxes on a dresser. The third floor contains an empty display case next to the roof exit.

Notable loot

Nuka-Cherry - On the wooden shelves to the left of the first-floor entrance.


Doc Crocker's house key is needed to enter the house without lockpicking the Advanced-locked doors.


Doc Crocker's house only appears in Fallout 4.