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Do Bob's bounty hunter jobs was going to be a quest in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.[1]


Bob doubles as a bounty hunter dispatcher. If the player inquires about jobs at Hoover Dam, Bob will say what he can provide. If the player accepts, then Bob will give him a bounty. The more the merrier (without getting ridiculous). About 5 or 6 bounties throughout the wasteland sounds reasonable. The player needs to take back the head of the bounty to Bob for verification. One bounty at a time.


  • Blackfoot Village: Craig, the main raid-leader of the Blackfoots.
  • Denver: Miguel Vargas: The guy's name is Miguel Vargas, but he calls himself "El Diablo." He went crazy one night and killed six people in two different homes. They call him the "Vampire Killer" because he bit his victims on the neck during or after killing them.
  • Hoover: Nancy Haggard. Passing herself off as a trog. Wanted for two assassination attempts on Governor Dodge.
  • Reservation: Ingmar. Ghoul slaver who works for Horatio and does most of his dirty work when gathering up slaves in the fields. Wanted by Hoover caravan companies for raids and kidnapping caravaners.
  • Bloomfield: Kyle the Hook. Wanted for raids on Hoover caravans and alleged death of Bear, 3-Some's greatest escort.
  • Jericho: Ryan Mitchell
    • Male human
    • Crimes: Murder, Rape, Theft, Assault
    • Currently works as a driver for the Jericho water caravans.

Character type completion breakdown

Combat Boy, Diplomacy Boy, Stealth Boy, Science Boy - All about the combat.


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