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Dixie's souvenir are three holotapes in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


All three tapes are located in Fizztop Mountain, in one of the wooden shacks in the upper areas of the interior.


Dixie's souvenir (Kate & Sam)

Kate: Hey, Ruth. Sammie just came back with this girl named Dixie and brought the best news ever! She said she comes from a place where we'll be safe and protected called Nuka-World. Finally! I'm so tired of trying to live out here on our own, dealing with Raiders, finding food, and just... surviving. We're packing up to leave and we're outta here! I wanted to leave this message for you....
Dixie: It's awfully sweet of ya'll to welcome a stranger into your home.
Sam: Oh, you've no idea how happy we are that we ran into you.
Dixie: Not as happy as I am.
Sam: What are you doing? Wait, I thought you were here to...Argh! Kate... run...
Kate: Sam! No! What have you done?
Dixie: Don't worry, honey. I'd never keep two love birds apart.
Kate: No! Argh!
Dixie: Ah. That went well. What's this? I think I'll keep you as my little souvenir.

Dixie's souvenir (Sanchez)

Sanchez: Trade in this area seems pretty scarce. I'm thinking of packing it in and heading back to the Commonwealth. We lost one of the brahmin to some damn radscorp the other day, and I think Emmy's coming down with something. The rest of us are just at each other's throats. Tired of traveling and barely running into any business. This whole plan was a bust. As it is, we barely got enough to pay for our losses.
Dixie: Hey, are all ya'll traders? If so, I know a pretty good post nearby. Guarantee you'll turn a profit if you want to check it out.
Sanchez: Yeah? Well, I'm not sure we'd want to trust anything some stranger in a mask told us. Sure you're not some sort of Raider?
Dixie: I ain't no Raider. And I only wear this mask on account of some yao guai wantin' a piece of me a while back. It's up to you folks. If ya'll are interested, Nuka-World's just a short trip north. Can't miss it! Just tell 'em Dixie sent ya, and they'll treat you and yours like ya'll are family.
Sanchez: Hmm, we'll talk about it. Thanks for stopping by. Maybe we'll have to check out this Nuka-World outpost before heading back. Could be worth a shot. I'll have to talk with the others, and hope no fights break out this time.

Dixie's souvenir (Victor)

Victor: I had it out with that Disciple chick again today, Anna. Tired of her always winning. She's got better aim, better come backs... even packs a better punch. Well, not for long. Fuck these rules, I'm going after her. Then when she's floating face down in the swan pond, we'll see who's better. I can't wait to see... What the hell? How'd you get in here?
Dixie: A girl's got her ways. I'm just here 'cause Anna's big into helping Nisha keep the peace between all us gangs. Me? Not so much.
Victor: What the...?
Dixie: That should keep you quiet 'till I get you back to Fizztop. Aw were you recording this just for lil old me? You Operators are such sweethearts.