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The District of Columbia Transit Authority (DCTA) was a municipal agency managing the Washington, D.C. metro system before the Great War.


An extensive transit network, providing service to Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas. Complemented by an above-ground network of City Liner buses, the network of stations and rail lines were advertised as a faster, more convenient, cleaner commuter option.[1]

With portions of the system semi-automated, Protectrons were utilized for security, sales, and ticket collectors.[2] Wartime regulations also led to a heightened level of security among DCTA personnel, whose security teams were provided with laser pistols as standard sidearms as outlined in the DCTA Employee Handbook.[3] The authority signed contracts with local businesses to facilitate their operations, such as Darren's Discounts, an electronics wholesaler.[4]

By 2277, DCTA metro stations are closed off with chain link fences and warnings to keep out.[5] Metro tickets can be found and will be recognized as valid by functioning Protectrons, while downloadable DCTA Metro maps provide overviews of the metro network, some of which still have power.


The District of Columbia Transit Authority (DCTA) appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

The real-world counterpart of the DCTA is Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.



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