The artillery battery at Fort Defiance is ready to deal a blow to the Scorched.

Distant Thunder is an event quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Event Quest: Distant Thunder
Mark scorched with a recon scope.
Eliminate all scorched in the area (optional)
Evacuate the targeted area.
Defeat the remaining scorched.
Reward: 25 caps, 350 XP, random ammo/consumables, random power armor plan, random weapon/weapon plan.

Detailed walkthrough

When the quest is available, player characters need to head for the area marked on the map and essentially lazer targets in the area for the artillery stationed at Fort Defiance to open fire on. This usually requires a weapon with a recon scope, but can also be completed by killing all targets in the area. Recon and mark targets in the area, set up the target for the artillery piece, then clear out of the area to avoid being collateral damage when the artillery piece opens fire. After the artillery strike, mop up any stragglers, and the quest is completed.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Mark Scorched with Recon Scope (<Variable=EnemiesMarked> / <Variable=EnemiesToMark>)The Artillery Battery at Fort Defiance is online and has Scorched targets available. A forward observer needs to go and use a Recon Scope to mark the targets for the artillery.
? (Optional) Eliminate all Scorched
? Build a Brotherhood Recon Rifle
? Evacuate target locationThe targets are marked. Artillery is inbound. It's time to evacuate the area.
? Artillery strike incoming
?Quest finishedMop up remaining ScorchedMark Scorched with Recon Scope (<Variable=EnemiesMarked> / <Variable=EnemiesToMark>)
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