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Diseases and viruses are various conditions distinct from mutations.


Diseases and viruses have played a pivotal role in shaping the world. Pre-War, various diseases and viruses were weaponized for use in biological warfare. New virions would be created in labs to gain the edge in countering offenses on frontlines.[1]

New Plague[]

Main article: New Plague

The New Plague is a disease that arose in the 2050s within the United States,[2] with symptoms including profuse sweating, unexplained contusions and swelling, and eventually terminating in massive external hemorrhaging.[3] In 2055, West Tek started to develop a cure for the plague, establishing the West Tek Research Facility. West-Tek was ultimately unable to develop a cure, despite their close ties to the federal government and their work in viral research through the Pan-Immunity Virion, and subsequent FEV, projects. Control of the West Tek Research Facility was handed over to the military in 2071.[2]

Forced Evolutionary Virus[]

Started from the Pan-Immunity Virion project, a preventative measure against Chinese use of biological weapons,[4] the Forced Evolutionary Virus was a powerful pathogen, capable of mutating any organism is came in contact with. It was utilized by the Master to create super mutants in New California from 2103 to 2162, finally being discovered and stopped by the Vault Dweller.[5] Other groups, such as the Enclave and the Institute, would also utilize FEV to accomplish their goals.[6][7][8]

In-game diseases[]

Name Game
Forced Evolutionary Virus
(Curling-13, Modified FEV, PIV)
All to date[9][10]
Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion Fallout 3: The Pitt
Parasites Fallout 4
Fallout 76
Mole rat disease Fallout 4
Insomnia Fallout 4
Lethargy Fallout 4
Fatigue Fallout 4
Weakness Fallout 4
Infection Fallout 4
Scorched Plague Fallout 76
The Blight Fallout 76
Blood worms Fallout 76
Bone worms Fallout 76
Buzz brain Fallout 76
Dysentery Fallout 76[11]
Fever claw Fallout 76
Flap limb Fallout 76
Glowing pustules Fallout 76
Heat flashes Fallout 76
Jelly fingers Fallout 76
Needle spine Fallout 76
Rad worms Fallout 76
Rattle hands Fallout 76
Shell shock Fallout 76
Sludge lung Fallout 76
Snot ear Fallout 76
Swamp gas Fallout 76
Swamp itch Fallout 76
Weeping sores Fallout 76
The Woopsies Fallout 76

Mentioned-only diseases[]

Name Game Ref
Anthrax Fallout 2 -
Beauveria mordicana New Vegas [12]
Black lung Fallout 76 [11]
Black Plague Fallout 2 -
Brain fever Fallout 2 [13]
Cancer Fallout 2
Fallout 3
New Vegas
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
Chicken Pox Fallout 2 [14]
Cholera Fallout 3
Fallout 4
Common cold New Vegas [17]
Cystic fibrosis Fallout 76 [11]
Diabetes Fallout 76 [11]
Dysentery Fallout 76 [18][11]
Ebola Fallout
Fallout 2
Gonorrhea Fallout (TV series) [19]
Influenza New Vegas
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
Fish poisoning Fallout 3 [21]
Gamma Cyclotronic Virus Fallout -
Hantavirus Fallout 2 -
Lyme disease Fallout 76 [22]
Lymphoma Fallout 76 [23]
New Plague Fallout
Fallout 3
Fallout 76
Parkinson's disease Fallout 76 [24]
Phase Shifting Virus Fallout -
Pneumonia Fallout 2
New Vegas
Red-lung Fallout 3 [21]
REPCONN Shakes New Vegas -
Rabies Fallout 4
Fallout 76
Rickets Fallout 3
New Vegas
Scorched Plague Fallout 76 -
Scurvy Fallout 76 [11]
Sepsis New Vegas [27]
Smallpox Fallout 2 -
Syphilis Fallout 2
Fallout 3
Fallout 4
Tetanus Fallout 3
New Vegas
Fallout 4
Tuberculosis New Vegas [31]
Vault depressive syndrome Fallout 3 -


In Vault 101, students were given a reading assignment from the Big Book of Science on how to combat airborne bacteria.[32]


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