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Endurance is a measure of your overall physical fitness. It affects your total Health, the Action Point drain from sprinting, and your resistance to disease.Fallout 76 Endurance description

Disease Resistance is a derived statistic in the SPECIAL character system.


Each uncooked consumable, attack from a diseased creature, or environmental hazard has a percentage-based chance of inflicting a disease. Disease Resistance decreases the chance for a player to contract a disease from all sources, however certain perks may reduce the odds for a specific source.

Disease Resistance can be increased by being Fed and Hydrated, which require maintaining a player's food and water needs. Each effect increases disease resistance by 15-35%. The perks Iron Stomach and Thirst Quencher will also increase disease resistance when eating and drinking uncooked or spoiled food. The Vaccinated perk increases resistance to disease specifically from attacking creatures. The Natural Resistance perk increases resistance to diseases contracted from the environment.

The Antiseptic legendary effect grants 25% environmental disease resistance per piece, up to a maximum of 125%. Disease resistance can also be acquired from consumables.


  • Beds
  • Traps
  • Water
  • Inhalation


There are multiple ways to increase Disease Resistance:

Food/Drink (only 1 at a time)
Item Perk/Mutation Buff
Grape perk bubblegum +5% Duration 2 minutes
Inert flux +5% Duration 30 minutes
Simple bloodleaf tea +5% Duration 30 minutes
Chicken noodle soup +10% Duration 30 minutes
Mountain hocks +10% Duration 30 minutes
Razorgrain soup +10% Duration 30 minutes
Company tea +20% Duration 60 minutes
Infused bloodleaf tea +20% Duration 60 minutes
Vegetable medley soup +20% Duration 60 minutes
Item Buff
Antibiotics +50% Duration 90 minutes
Survival Needs
Value Perk/Mutation Buff
Fully Fed / Well Fed Standard +35%
Rejuvenated 1 +40%
Rejuvenated 2 +45%
Fed / Partially Fed Standard +15%



Disease Resistance is affected by the player's current Endurance stat (END). This includes the base SPECIAL as well as any END buffs or debuffs.

Endurance scaling
Endurance Value Disease Chance Multiplier
1 2.0
2 1.9
3 1.8
4 1.7
5 1.6
6 1.5
7 1.4
8 1.3
9 1.2
10 1.1
11 1.05
12 1.0
13 0.95
14 0.9
15+ 0.85