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The Disciples strapped armor is an armor set in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


Disciples strapped armor provides a Damage Resistance of 76 along with an Energy Resistance of 100 and consists of five pieces worn on torso and the extremities. The armor can be changed into an improved version provided that the Sole Survivor has the second rank of the Blacksmith perk in addition to having a full investment in the Armorer perk.

Trying to scrap the armor pieces yields no result, simply destroying the item in question.


Image Name Weight DMG Resist - Ballistic DMG Resist - Energy Value Form ID
FO4 NW DisciplesStrappedArmor torso.png Disciples strapped chest piece 19 26 28 75 xx026BAB
FO4 NW DisciplesStrappedArmor arm.png Disciples strapped left arm 10 12 14 40 xx03B559
FO4 NW DisciplesStrappedArmor lleg.png Disciples strapped left leg 10 13 22 40 xx03B556
FO4 NW DisciplesStrappedArmor arm.png Disciples strapped right arm 10 12 14 40 xx03B558
FO4 NW DisciplesStrappedArmor rleg.png Disciples strapped right leg 10 13 22 40 xx03B555
Total 59 76 100 235




All variants of Nuka-World faction armor can be purchased from gear vendors built at settlements owned by one of the Nuka-World gangs, which is useful for those who wish to obtain the armor without killing any gang members.