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The Disciples armored skirt is an outfit in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


It provides a Damage Resistance of 53 as well as an Energy Resistance of 58 to the Sole Survivor when worn. The armor occupies the torso and leg slots, allowing only armwear and headgear to be worn with the armor. The Disciples armored skirt can also be changed into an improved version at an armor workbench with all of the Armorer ranks and the second rank of the Blacksmith perk.

Trying to scrap the Disciples armored skirt will simply destroy the item without yielding any raw materials.


  • Worn by members of the Disciples.
  • Can be found in the inventory of almost every female Disciple, even if they are actually wearing something else.
  • Can be bought from Disciples Gear Shops in Commonwealth outposts (requires Rank 2 of the Wasteland Warlord perk to build).
  • Can be bought from the Nuka-Cade prize terminal.


  • Due to its high weight, when attempting to pickpocket this armor, the chance is always 0%.