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Discarded ArcJet worklog is a holotape in Fallout 4.


It can be found in the lab control room at ArcJet Systems, on a desk next to a terminal and a globe in the middle of the room.


Technician Rand: Why the heck are they making us record this... oh crap, it's on isn't it? Ahem. Um, this is Technician Rand, ArcJet Propulsion Division... I'm here with Technician Janowski. Work log A-1190. Janowski and I have been working on the Mars Shot project for about three months now, and I think we have the thrust calculations worked out.

Technician Janowski: Man, I wish I was headed up there with those guys. Be nice to get the hell away from our lousy planet.

Rand: Hey, easy... if we don't record these logs properly, we're gonna get fired. The supervisor is already itching to get rid of us, especially since it's taking us longer than we promised.

Janowski: So what? We've been drafted anyway. We're shipping out in a few weeks, remember? Soon we'll be doing pushups, eating freeze-dried rations and just wishing we were spending our day inside a cushy private laboratory.

Rand: Of course I remember. But I'm trying not to imagine getting my head blown off when I'm on the front line, and keeping my mind on work is helping me deal with the problem. Maybe that doesn't make sense to you, but it's important to me, okay?

Janowski: Alright, I'm sorry. Look, why don't you toss this tape and we'll start a new one.

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