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The disaster relief outpost terminal entries are a collection of logs and publicly sanctioned information about the New Plague found in the disaster relief outpost in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.



Collective Benevolence
Volunteer Unit #MD18-02
Non-profit Charter REGMD982.90.2012
St Mary's County, Point Lookout Area

Unit Mission ParametersEdit


Evaluate Medical and Social needs of local populace. Raise awareness of health risks and provide aid on a local need basis. Assist with Federal Fitness Registry Compliance program.

Volunteers must always uphold the standards of The "Collective Benevolence" program in public and private.

New Plague Public InformationEdit

These entries are part of a pamphlet called "The New Plague and YOU", copyright and distributed by the Presidential Fitness Program (2059).


The New Plague and YOU
Copyright and Distributed by
Presidential Fitness Program (2059)

Get Registered!Edit


Did you know that your government can protect you from the New Plague and other biological dangers? It's true, and all you need to do is visit your local Federal Fitness Registry. Friendly Federal Professionals will be on hand to take a few minor samples and enter you in the national registry.

Your compliance with the Federal Registry Program not only keeps medical professionals up-to-date on your medical history and status, but contributes to valuable research programs - and makes you eligible for special prizes, such as fuel rations or vacations to exotic domestic locales.

Know the Signs!Edit


Safeguard yourself and your community by knowing how to identify a person suffering from the New Plague. Common symptoms include:

  • Profuse Sweating
  • Unexplained Contusions/Swelling
  • Massive External Hemorrhaging
  • New Ideals, such as socialism

Protect Yourself!Edit


The New Plague is what's commonly known as a "social disease". This means that the New Plague is especially contagious and can be commonly caught in the course of social interactions such as:

  • Ice Cream Socials
  • Cruising Main Street
  • Promiscuous Activity/Sodomy
  • Attending Fairs or Festivals

So; what's the best protection against social diseases? Why not stay home and enjoy a novel or home-cooked meal? Limiting your exposure to other individuals is the best and more surefire way to avoid contracting the New Plague.

Remember to C.I.R.Edit


When you believe you've come into contact with a person exhibiting one or more or these tell-tale signs, remember to C I R:

C - Confirm Symptoms.
Approach the person suffering from symptoms if no Civil or Medical professional is available to do so. Verify that the subject is exhibiting symptoms of New Plague.

I - Isolate!
Once it's been established that a case of New Plague may be present, separate yourself and the person exhibiting symptoms from the general population, as the New Plague is notoriously contagious.

R - Report!
Report directly to the nearest Federal Fitness Registry of Medical Center and let the professionals handle it from there!

Unit Lead LogsEdit


Relief Unit Lead
Private .log File

Log Entry 001Edit


Arrived with first carload of volunteers today; Federal presence is nil. I guess the registry program came and went here at some point. There's some leftover equipment from them I've been authorized to remove from storage and use. We've got some basic antibiotics and hygiene supplies, and a couple boxes of New Plague awareness pamphlets. Not much to work with yet, but we were at least able to get settled into the motel. For now I'll focus on setting up our outreach center with Victoria while the rest of our volunteers get out into the community and get a feel for their situation here.

Log Entry 002Edit


The location we were given as our outreach center was a joke. The place is half-built and what's been put together so far looks like it's going to fall in on itself anytime. The real estate company wasn't much help. I sent a request for some field supplies so we can set up an outdoor center until this situation can be improved upon. My volunteers are telling me that a lot of the area lacks basic infrastructure, so we'll probably want to get started with some basic vaccines and sanitation supplies. I included some of this on today's purchase request, but I don't feel like we've got enough of a grasp on the local situation to request much more than that just yet.

Log Entry 003Edit


We staged our first outreach event today, which didn't go well. The majority of the population in the central area of Point Lookout are transplants from nearby urban centers - lots of contracted construction workers, support staff for local businesses, a handful of business people involved in the construction projects. We're here to help the rural population who don't have a pot to piss in, but those people don't seem to come into town. We need to re-evaluate our efforts. The local populace seems recluse. We'll have to get creative with our outreach.

Log Entry 004Edit


Victoria was badly wounded today. She took a truck of supplies out to the Ark & Dove Cathedral beyond the river. Most of the locals we want to help are living in primitive dwellings in the wetlands. The Cathedral offered the closest public building to that area. She wasn't in much state to give details, but it sounds like nobody was around when she arrived. She ventured into the swamps to try and make contact with locals at one of the shacks out there. The paramedics are treating a wound on the back of her head. She'll be okay, but it sounds like her skull was fractured. Victoria doesn't remember anything beyond blacking out. There was nothing stolen from her person or the medical supplies, but I'm still going to err on the side of caution and forbid volunteers from wandering out there alone. We'll do the best we can from here.

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