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The location we were given as our outreach center was a joke. The place is half-built and what's been put together so far looks like it's going to fall in on itself anytime. The real estate company wasn't much help.Disaster relief outpost terminal entries

The disaster relief outpost is a location in Point Lookout in 2277.


The disaster relief outpost was apparently set up during the New Plague before the Great War by local disaster relief workers. A terminal located in the easternmost tent reveals that the government was using the plague as an excuse to register civilians. Humorously, the fourth symptom of the plague was listed as "new Ideals, such as socialism," obviously to register possible communists, undercover spies, and so forth.

The "Presidential Fitness Program" states the New Plague is commonly referred to as "social disease" and advocates isolation, stating that people should protect themselves by staying home to "enjoy a novel or home-cooked meal," limiting social interactions such as:

  • Ice cream socials
  • Cruising Main Street
  • Promiscuous activity/sodomy
  • Attending fairs or festivals

Furthermore, people were told that if they suspected they were infected, they should contact the disease control center for quarantine immediately.

The terminal reveals the social workers' resentment for being stationed in Point Lookout, claiming they were there to help people but that the people in the town were apathetic and the locals in the swamp were hostile. One of the workers, Victoria, was attacked when she ventured into the swamps to try to make contact with the locals. She was knocked out and didn't remember anything after blacking out (but no supplies were stolen from her truck). After that, the workers no longer dared to venture into the swamp.

The tents had been wrecked when they were discovered by a traveling missionary, Marcella. She reassembled them and uses them as a "base camp" for spreading her message to Point Lookout. Her tents are easy to find as soon as the Lone Wanderer leaves the Duchess Gambit by heading back down the coast from where they disembarked, heading away from the smoking mansion Tobar tells them about.

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The disaster relief outpost appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.