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Help the Retreat for Paladin Rahmani.

Disarming Discovery is a main quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.


Although the initiation is complete, there is no time for a formal ceremony. Paladin Rahmani immediately tasks the probationary initiate, the Vault 76 dweller, to assist The Retreat with their local problem: A Blood Eagles gang under one Dagger.


The quest begins with travelling to the Retreat and locating Jennie Brown in the upper levels. She will be quite welcoming and suggest that the player talk to the other denizens of the Retreat in order to gather information about Dagger and her gang. There are three villagers to talk to spread out among the upper levels and each will offer a tidbit of information and some background on how Jennie Brown put the village together.

  • One will mention that the Dagger's hideout is somewhere to the southwest and that they have been doing weekly "collections" of tribute from the village.
  • Another will mention the raiders having access to special rocket launchers that could level the entire village.
  • Finally, another will explain that Dagger has been causing traders to avoid the Retreat, cutting into the trading prospects.

After talking to them, speaking with Brown again will advance the quest. She will explain that she wants to preserve her tightly knit family and asks for Dagger and her crew to be wiped out. Dagger's Den is located to the southwest, beyond Berkeley Springs, with the entrance surrounded by improvised fortifications (which have to be navigated or jumped over with the Marsupial mutation or a jetpack). Inside, the first order of business is to wipe out the Blood Eagles in the caves and then gain access to the throne room. It is locked, but the key is just nearby, in one of the shacks overlooking the entrance in the eastern cave chamber.

Dagger will not attack at first, but she will immediately start dialogue once approached. She will threaten and boast, as usual, and it is perfectly possible to attack her immediately. She is flanked by a pair of her lieutenants, both armed with Gatling lasers, but little in the way of armor. Note that exiting out of the dialogue system can cause Dagger to immediately turn hostile and force the player to kill her, so be careful not to do this if one intends to settle the issue peacefully. If violence is used, both the Brotherhood weapons cache and the Retreat's supplies can be recovered (a surviving lieutenant will attack upon exiting the throne room, clad in a power armor frame and random raider power armor pieces).

Alternatively, the player can strike a deal with her and bribe her and end the argument peacefully; Dagger will give a Hellstorm missile launcher from her supplies and return the Retreat's supplies. One way to do this is to pass a Strength 12+ check using a threat. If the check has not been passed, the player must choose the mutual beneficial arrangement choice which gives more options, although two out of the four choices result in Dagger attacking:

  • Give her 300 caps: Dagger replies, "Money does talk and I'm going to need some caps to rebuild here. You've got yourself a deal." The dispute is ended peacefully.
  • Attack: Self-explanatory, causes Dagger to become hostile.
  • Flirt: The Vault Dweller offers Dagger their undying love and servitude. Dagger replies, "I... what? No thanks, I don't want you spying on me for the Brotherhood. If you happen to leave the Brotherhood of Steel, though..." This choice does nothing and only sends the player back to the choices again.
  • Offer her peace and a good night's rest for knowing she did the right thing: Dagger replies, "I sleep perfectly fine already knowing that I can defeat weaklings like you. You're boring me, time to have some fun!" This turns her hostile and she attacks.

At this point, all that is left is returning to Jennie Brown and handing her the Retreat's supplies. It is also possible to give her a launcher from the Brotherhood's cache, although she does not ask for it. Once that is done, all that is left is returning to Paladin Rahmani to report back. She will be found in the middle of receiving a report from Knight Shin. The report will reveal that several crates marked with the Brotherhood's insignia fell into the hands of the Crater raiders. Shin will recommend immediate recovery, but Rahmani is cautious about openly attacking the Raiders.

Their attitude when reporting back will depend on the choices. If the player opted to kill Dagger and the Blood Eagles, Rahmani will be concerned about the loss of life, but Shin will agree that it was the right choice. On the other hand, if the player chose to bargain, the paladin will receive the news with satisfaction, but Shin will be rather displeased. Finally, the question of Hellstorms: If the player chose to give Jennie a launcher, they have the option of telling the truth or lying about it. If the truth is told, Rahmani will be cautiously optimistic that the villagers can now defend themselves, but Shin will be upset - due to reasons that will be made clear in due time. On the other hand, Shin will complement the player's judgment if they choose to return the launchers, while Rahmani will express concern about the Retreat's ability to defend itself without the weapons.

Either way, the next step is recovering the Brotherhood's property from the hands of raiders.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Quest startedPaladin Rahmani wants to speak to me about my first mission as an Initiate of the Brotherhood of Steel.
Spoke to RahmaniPaladin Rahmani has told me about a group of villagers that need our help. I need to go to The Retreat and talk to Jennie Brown for more information.
Spoke to JennieJennie Brown has suggested to me that I go and talk with some of the villagers here to get to know them.
Accepted quest from JennieI have told Jennie that I will help the Retreat deal with Dagger and her Blood Eagle Raiders. First I need to find their new hideout, which should be somewhere to the southwest.
Entered Dagger's DenI've found Dagger's Den and it's filled with Blood Eagle raiders. I need to clear them out and find Dagger.
Looted keyThere was a key on the body of one of Dagger's Lieutenants for something called a "Throne Room". I'm sure that is where I will find Dagger.
Entered Throne Room
Peaceful Resolution
(Bribed Dagger)
I found a way to resolve the situation with Dagger peacefully. Along with the villagers' supplies, she let me have some high tech missile launchers.
Violent Resolution
(Killed Dagger and Lieutenants)
I've killed Dagger and her lieutenants; they won't be bothering the Retreat any longer. In addition to the supplies, I found some high tech missile launchers.
Gave no weapons
Return the supplies to Jennie Brown
Gave some weapons
Return the supplies to Jennie Brown
Return to Paladin Rahmani
Complete QuestSuccess

Behind the scenes

This quest was originally titled "Brothers in Arms" when it was preloaded in the One Wasteland For All update.