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Dirty water is a consumable item in Fallout 4.


A carton of plain river water, contaminated by radioactive fallout. Typically one would only drink this in an emergency.

At a cooking station, dirty water can be used to make various stews and soups, when combined with other ingredients. Three cartons of dirty water can also be turned into one purified water.

At a chemistry station, dirty water is used in the construction of the berserk syringe and Lock Joint syringe ammunition for the syringer.

Survival modeEdit

In Survival mode, dirty water can be drunk to reduce the Sole Survivor's thirst.

Additionally, dirty water can be generated by using the "Fill Bottle" option when they are next to a water site (river, stagnating water...) and they have empty bottles in their inventory. The empty glass containers that can be used can be found on empty bottle.




  • Dirty water is considerably scarcer throughout the Fallout 4 world than purified water.
  • Dirty water is cleaner than any water drank directly from the source.
    • The action of drinking directly from a source grants the player character 3 rads and 5 HP, so a proportional amount needed to heal as much as the dirty water item itself would inflict 12 rads.
  • Glass bottles are used (and consumed) in the "refill" process; the item acquired is the cardboard tetra-pak.
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