Director's recording #52 / #108 are two holotapes in Fallout 4.


  • Recording #52: The Institute, on a side table in the board room on the top level (east side).
  • Recording #108: The Institute, in the Director's Quarters. On the upper level opposite the globe and radio, inside an opened white box itself resting on two unopened white boxes.


Recording #52


Look, Director, I'm going to make the same recommendation I did last time. We did everything we could. Four years dedicated to preserving this "Commonwealth Provisional Government." You've seen the same reports I have. It's falling apart, and fast. We need a plan for what happens when that fall is complete. I know some of the other Divisions have suggested we just cut off all contact; hide underground and pretend nobody's home. That would, in my opinion, be a mistake. We can't just give up on these people. And with the Android program, we don't have to. We'll soon have the capabilities to deploy androids to the surface in great enough numbers to maintain order. Just... Just think about it, all right? Keep it in mind moving forward.

Recording #108


Dammit, Galton... What the hell is going on down there? I have to convene an emergency Directorate meeting because of this screw-up. That synth was a prototype. It was absolutely not ready for field testing! The mess it caused in Diamond City threatens decades of work to keep us out of the spotlight... I will be very clear: my legacy as Director will not be tarnished by your division's mistakes. I am going to find out exactly who approved any sort of operation above ground, and that person will be held fully accountable.


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