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This is a transcript for dialogue with Dino (Wastelanders).


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00586269 005862F3 You know I got butterflies everytime you passed my row in class? I'd wait to go piss 'cause I was too nervous to pass you on the way to the bathroom.
2 005862F4 I never saw a prettier girl than you. I was so nervous when I passed you in class you, I had to wait till after 5th period to use the bathroom.
3 0058626B 00586295 We'd only been together a few months before going into the vault. Imagine if we hadn't made it into the same one?
4 00586296 Can you imagine if I'd gone into the vault with me family, and we had been apart all these years?
5 0058626D 005862AE I know its hard to believe. Feels like just yesterday we were playing in the marching band.
6 005862AF I remember playing in the marching band together like it was just yesterday. Those were the days.
7 0058626E 005862BD Can't you see we're a little busy, its a special occasion so unless you're gonna play busboy, beat it.
8 005862BE You're kinda killin' the mood you know that?You're kinda killin' the mood you know that?
9 005862BF Its a humble enough setting, but I think a romantic dinner is still manageable.
10 005862C0 Tonight's our anniversary, she's as beautiful as the day we first met.
11 005862C1 50 years, can you believe it? Damn I'm a lucky guy.
12 005862C2 I'm not the man I once was but Carla loves me all the same.