Darn it, no one ever buys the T-rexes.Cliff Briscoe

The Dinky the T-Rex souvenir is a miscellaneous item in Fallout: New Vegas.


The T-Rex souvenir is a miniature plastic replica of the Dinky the T-Rex dinosaur that is home to Novac's Dino Bite gift shop.


These souvenirs are generally found throughout buildings in Novac. The town's gift shop holds the highest volume of these items, with 1000 of them in stock. Also, in a storage closet (the locked door behind the counter), there are many of them lying around and in metal boxes.

The owner of the shop, Cliff Briscoe, is desperate to sell them. He also tries to create the illusion of the souvenirs being highly requested. On his shop there is a sign that reads, "Yes, we have T-Rexes!" and the souvenirs are the first product he talks about when the Courier first talks to him. If his dialogue options are exhausted he will eventually admit that "no one ever buys the T-Rexes."

This is confirmed by the shop inventory. The Courier can buy the 1000 dinosaur replicas from him, yet no matter how many Dinky souvenirs are purchased, the next time Briscoe's inventory refreshes, he'll have 1000 Dinky souvenirs once again.


  • The Dinky the T-Rex souvenir weighs 0.1 and has a value of 1 cap, while a dino toy weighs nothing and has no value.
  • The Courier can buy the storeroom key from Cliff Briscoe for 81 caps, or 14 with a Barter check. There are 285 Dinky the T-Rex souvenirs the Courier can take from the room without any repercussions.
  • A batch was mistakenly delivered to the general store in the Zion National Park.[1]


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