Well, there's Dinky, the town mascot. He's a sight. You probably already saw him when you came in, but you can go up inside, too.Jeannie May Crawford

Dinky the T-Rex is the name of a landmark in Novac, part of the Dino Dee-lite Motel.


Originally Dinky was a pre-War "tourist trap" in the tourist-rich Las Vegas. Dinky the T-Rex is Novac's defensive stronghold; Manny Vargas and Craig Boone are two snipers that alternate shifts inside of Dinky's mouth. The New California Republic once used this motel to snipe Caesar's Legion soldiers via Dinky the Dinosaur's mouth.


The lot can be accessed from the left or right of the fence that rests in front of Dinky. Inside is the Dino Bite gift shop. A set of stairs can be climbed to access his mouth. There is also a room behind the counter containing many rocket souvenirs and the unique weapon, That Gun. The motel itself is located behind Dinky.


  • Cass refers to Dinky as a giant gecko. The first time the Courier arrives in Novac with her, she will say that she thought Dinky to be real the first time she saw it.
  • Follows-Chalk also references Dinky when asking the Courier if there "really [is] a giant thunder-lizard people live inside".
  • It is possible to talk to the sniper on duty in its mouth by climbing up the stairs inside Dinky.


Dinky the T-Rex appears only in Fallout: New Vegas and is mentioned by Follows-Chalk in Honest Hearts.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Dinky the T-Rex closely resembles the real world Tex the T-Rex, located at the Shan-Gri-La Prehistoric Park and Museum in Henderson, Nevada.[1]
  • The landmark is also likely inspired by the real world Mr. Rex, one of two large biomorphic buildings designed and constructed by sculptor Claude K. Bell in Cabazon, California. The name Dinky refers to Mr. Rex's counterpart Dinny, although the real world Dinny (pronounced Diney) is a Brontosaurus as opposed to a Tyrannosaurus rex.



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