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The dining room is a room built in Fallout Shelter.


The diner allows dwellers to create food in a vault. Its food production is correlated to its occupants' Agility trait. It is one of the facilities available at the start of the game, and a facility created in the tutorial. Fully merged and upgraded diners can have themes applied to them.

Food production

To increase the speed at which food is produced, place dwellers with better Agility in this room.

Higher vault dweller count increases the demand for food. If food supply runs low, dwellers will start to lose health.


The diner, like other rooms, gains a production bonus from being connected to another of the same type and level. The room will gain a +2 production bonus for each connected room. Upgrade costs will be 25% cheaper for a double room and about 34% cheaper when upgrading a triple room vs upgrading 3 single rooms.

Single Room Double Room Triple Room
Diner Output 8 18 28
Diner Storage 50 100 150
Restaurant Cost 250 375 500
Restaurant Output 10 22 34
Restaurant Storage 75 150 225
Cafeteria Cost 750 1125 1500
Cafeteria Output 12 26 40
Cafeteria Storage 100 200 300


  • Being the Tier I room for food production, the diner becomes obsolete once the Garden is unlocked at 70 dwellers, which subsequently becomes obsolete once the Nuka-Cola bottler is unlocked at 100 dwellers.
  • The diner was updated with a Halloween themed patch 1.2.
  • The diner is the only food production facility to which faction-specific themes can be applied.
  • The diner will randomly play Nuka-World theme song with the Nuka-World themed patch 1.7.