Dine and Dash is a challenge perk in Fallout: New Vegas.

Challenge requirements

The Courier must consume 25 different corpses using the Cannibal perk.


Allows the player character to add human remains to their inventory.


  • Unlike the Cannibal perk, Dine and Dash is not considered a 'crime against nature' and may be performed in full view of witnesses without suffering any repercussions.
  • The Dine and Dash perk does not affect the Ghastly Scavenger perk.
  • Although the perk allows the Courier to take remains, they will still go through the long animation as if they're devouring the corpse. In fact, using Dine and Dash counts towards the Devourer of Nations even if the remains are not eaten.
  • Even when the player character extracts the remains from a ghoul corpse, they will get human remains.

Behind the scenes

  • The term 'dine and dash' refers to the act of eating a meal at a restaurant, and then leaving the premises without paying the bill for said meal.
  • This perk was created by Joshua Sawyer[1].


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