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The Diehards are a gang of raiders located in Appalachia. In Wastelanders, they returned under the leadership of Meg Groberg.


The Diehards were unique among most raider gangs in that they were averse to killing innocents, believing there were other ways of getting what they wanted. This led to the other raiders labeling them as weak and pacifists. However, many survivors refused to hand their supplies over to the gang, leading them to kill innocents. This caused the gang's leader, Margie McClintock, to go into a depressive state, deciding to take her own life in a chem overdose and hoping another member of the gang, Vincent Fried, would be a more successful leader. At some point prior to 2102, the Diehards were wiped out, with super mutants taking over much of their former territory. A number of Diehards left Appalachia before the Scorched could finish them off.[1] These survivors traveled along the northeastern states, reaching places like the Commonwealth, or Washington, D.C.[2]

By 2103, however, the surviving Diehards returned to Appalachia under the leadership of one of its original members, Meg Groberg. They had heard about the hidden treasure in Appalachia from Rose's broadcasts, and decided to come back.[3] Along the way they found other wastelanders who joined them, leading into the creation of a new Raider group. The Diehards and the other bands settled in the Toxic Valley, turning the crashed space station into a fortified base known as the Crater.[4] The Diehards are seen by other gang members as "old raiders,"[5] but otherwise are well known.[6]




Interactions with the player character



The Diehards are mentioned in Fallout 76 and introduced in the Wastelanders update.


  1. Wren: "Pretty much born and raised a Diehard 'til we bailed on Margie. And a damn good thing we did, too. If them Scorched wiped out the Responders and the Brotherhood, you bet your ass they'd be pickin' us off like flies. [...]"
    (Wren's dialogue)
  2. Meg Groberg: "We've traveled the Wasteland from the Commonwealth to DC. We take... whatever we want. And we want that vault. Who's going to stop us? You?"
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    Vault Dweller: "What broadcast are you talking about?"
    Meg Groberg: "For real? Tell me you ain't heard that garbage bot of a Miss Nanny broadcastin' far and wide about some trove hidden in Appalachia. We come back to Appalachia, and we're neck deep in these so-called settlers. Not to mention cultists, bloodthirsty bandits, you name it."
    (Meg Groberg's dialogue)
  4. Fallout 76 Wastelanders loading screens: "When the Diehards Raider gang returned to Appalachia, they settled in the area of the crashed space station and named their new home the Crater."
  5. Caleb Fisher: "Nice to meet you and all that. See? Some of us have manners. Meg's old Diehards though, don't expect any piece and cues from them. [...]"
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  6. Raider punk: "Crater expelled this Raider scumbag for hurting other Diehards. That's not how we do things. Apparently they took up residence at this place."
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  7. Blackeye: "I've been working under Fishbones for awhile now. We both were part of the original gang back at Crater."
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  8. Fishbones: "Bit of a story there. I'll do my best not to bore yah. See, I started out as part of the original band gettin' Crater up and runnin'. Proved myself an efective leader in the process... maybe a little too effective, mind you. Next thing I know, I'm being volunteered to run this join."
    (Fishbone's dialogue)
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