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This is a transcript for dialogue with Diego.


GREETING GREETING Happy 50 I'm Diego, the acolyte for Saint Monica's. 1
GREETING Happy 50 I'm Diego,the new priest for Saint Monica's. 2
GREETING Surprise 50 Have you seen Angela? I need to ask her something about our wedding. 3
Neutral 50 Oh...nevermind. I just remembered. Sorry. I'm so scatterbrained these days. What was it you wanted again? 4
GREETING Happy 50 God bless you and keep you safe. 5
MS03RCHistory1 Could I ask you about Rivet City's history? Sad 10 I heard tell the place used to be run by Raiders, until someone cleared the whole place out. But I don't really know for sure. 6
RCChurchDonation I'd like to make a donation to the church. Neutral 50 Father Clifford takes the donations. You'll have to talk to him. 7
RCDiegoChurch There's a church in Rivet City? Happy 50 Oh, yes! Father Clifford conducts services every Sunday morning. You should come. 8
There's a church in Rivet City? Happy 50 Oh, yes! I conduct services every Sunday morning. You should come. 9
RCDiegoCrazy You're a fool to pass up a chance at love with Angela. Fear 50 Father Clifford says she is my trial. My temptation. 10
Neutral 50 I must chose between her and the Church. I have chosen the Church. 11
RCDiegoKeepSecret Okay, I believe you. I was just curious about it. Happy 50 I forgive you. More importantly, God forgives you. 12
RCDiegoPriest If you're the acolyte, who's the priest? Happy 50 Father Clifford. The sanctuary is in the ship's fore, on the upper deck. The good father holds services every Sunday morning. 13
RCDiegoThreaten If you don't stop seeing her, I'll tell Father Clifford about it. Fear 50 I swear to you, our relationship is chaste. I am only her friend. 14
Sad 50 However, I must confess, I have not done all I could. I am sorely tempted. 15
Neutral 50 You have given me new resolve. I will tell Angela we cannot see each other again. Even as friends. 16
I heard Angela Staley has a crush on Diego.
I hear Angela Staley has a crush on you. Fear 50 What are you talking about? I'm a man of the cloth! Well, I will be as soon as Father Clifford... 17
Sad 50 Nevermind. It doesn't matter what Angela thinks. Soon I will take vows of chastity. 18
How are things between you and Angela? Surprise 50 I...I don't know what came over me. I just lost control and seduced her. 19
Sad 50 But I am an honorable man. I will make her an honorable woman. We're going to get married. 20
Happy 50 I thought I would be more upset about leaving the church, but she makes me so happy. 21
How are things between you and Angela? Sad 50 Father Clifford accused me of having relations with Angela. He wouldn't listen when I told him it was a lie. 22
Anger 50 I am no longer an acolyte. I've been expelled. 23
Neutral 50 Sometimes when God shuts one door though, he opens another. 24
Happy 50 I've asked Angela to marry me, and she said yes. 25
So, you and Angela are married? Happy 50 Oh, yes! I had to give up being a priest, but it was worth it. 26
Did you talk to Angela? Are you still seeing her? Sad 50 That is a thing of the past. I told her to stay away from me forever. 27
RCTopicHangarDeckPeople What is this I hear about the Hangar Deck and Upper Deck? Sad 50 It's a shame really. Everyone should just get along. 28
Fear 50 It's not too bad now, but if it keeps going this way, in a few years they'll start fighting in the streets. 29
Sad 50 Father Clifford keeps preaching about tolerance and acceptance, but nobody seems to be listening. 30
RCTopicSaintMonica Who is this Saint Monica? Fear 50 Saint Monica saved her own son's soul from eternal damnation. 31
Happy 50 She is now the patron saint of lost children for the faithful everywhere. 32
Happy 50 You really should come to church on Sunday mornings. The sermon will be all about Saint Monica. 33
When are Angela and Diego getting married?
When are you and Angela getting married? Happy 50 Tomorrow at three. You can come if you like. We've invited everyone in Rivet City. 34


I have to go now.
Goodbye, Diego. Happy 50 God bless you. 35
HELLO HELLO Happy 50 Chief Harkness. It's always comforting to see you on your rounds. 36
HELLO Surprise 50 Have you decided on the message for your next sermon? 37
HELLO Surprise 50 Father, doesn't it bother you to preach to an empty church everyday but Sunday? 38
HELLO Happy 50 I'm sure God hears your prayers, Mister Lopez. 39
HELLO Surprise 50 Doctor Preston, may I visit with your patients? I promise to be brief and quiet. 40
HELLO Sad 50 Angela, people are starting to talk. I can't be seen with you like this any more. From now on only visit me in the church. 41
HELLO Sad 50 Angela, I'm not sure you should spend so much time around me. I am to be married to God soon. 42
HELLO Happy 50 What looks good on the menu today, Mister Buckingham? 43
HELLO Happy 50 This may be the happiest day of my life! 44
HELLO Happy 50 God bless you. 45
RCGoodbye RCGoodbye Happy 50 My relationship with Angela is strictly platonic, Commander. Saint Monica's blessing to you. 46
RCGoodbye Happy 50 God Bless you, Vera. You are too kind to us. 47
RCGoodbye Fear 50 We're not alone, so it'll have to wait. Maybe later today. 48
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 That's not very polite, Angela, but thank you anyway. 49
RCGoodbye Fear 50 Lord give me strength. {Stage whisper, as if under his breath.} 50
RCGoodbye Fear 50 Well, I, uh, that is, sure. You are incredibly sexy. Not that I've noticed. I am going a priest, and they don't...um, well, you know. 51
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 No, not yet. I'm still studying the life of Saint Monica. Hopefully someday soon. 52
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 Yes, Father Clifford. I've already cleaned the sanctuary. I'll put out fresh candles too. 53
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 Yes, Father Clifford. 54
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 Yes, Doctor Preston. Father Clifford and I will minister to the needs of their souls. We let you minister to the needs of their bodies. 55
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 Yes, Doctor Preston. I will minister to the needs of their souls. You can minister to the needs of their bodies. 56
RCGoodbye Happy 50 I hope I will live up to his example. See you next week Mrs. Young. 57
RCGoodbye Happy 50 Yes, it was. <yawn> Excuse me. See you next week Vera. 58
RCGoodbye Surprise 50 He was? I mean, I know. He tries very hard Mister Young. See you next week. 59
RCGoodbye Happy 50 Then I'll try the iguana. 60
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 I'll try, but he's pretty set in his ways. See you next week, Mei. 61
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 No. Ask Mister Buckingham. 62
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 Not yet. Give me a few minutes, Mister Buckingham. 63
RCGoodbye03 RCGoodbye03 Neutral 50 It's ready for you, Father. 64
RCIDo RCBride Happy 50 I do. 65
RCLoveYou RCLoveYou Happy 50 I love you too, Angela. 66
RCPackageEnd RCPackageEnd Neutral 50 Good morning, Father Clifford. 67
RCPackageEnd Neutral 50 We should go get some breakfast, Father Clifford. 68
RCPackageEnd Neutral 50 It's time for our evening meal, Father Clifford. 69
RCPackageEnd Neutral 50 We should be heading to the clinic, Father Clifford. 70
RCPackageEnd Happy 50 Angela, let's go up to the Flight Deck. It's more private up there. 71
RCPackageEnd Sad 50 It's late. We should go home, Angela. 72
RCResponse01 RCResponse01 Fear 50 A little. Aren't you? We don't have a place to live, and your father is going to have to support us. 73
RCResponse01 Fear 50 No, it's not true! Yes, she has been tempting me, trying to seduce me, but I've resisted. 74
RCResponse01 Sad 50 That is a sin in the eyes of God, Mister Lopez. Surely he has a greater purpose for you. You should speak with Father Clifford. 75
RCSermon RCSermon Neutral 50 Today we hear the story of Saint Monica. 76
RCSermon Neutral 50 She was born in Great Lanta on the shores of the Ocean. 77
RCSermon Neutral 50 Her parents were both Ghouls. Yes, that’s right, I said Ghouls. 78
RCSermon Neutral 50 That she was conceived at all was a miracle. That she was born unafflicted was an even greater miracle. 79
RCSermon Neutral 50 God tested Saint Monica. She did not lead an easy life. 80
RCSermon Neutral 50 Sold into slavery by Raiders, she was forced to sell her body. 81
RCSermon Neutral 50 They took her only son, Ehren, from her and sold him. 82
RCSermon Neutral 50 She prayed every night to God for his safety. She did not pray for herself, although her burden was great. 83
RCSermon Neutral 50 Each night she would preach the word of God to the Slavers. 84
RCSermon Neutral 50 After sixteen years, God provided a miracle. 85
RCSermon Neutral 50 One of the Slavers repented his wicked ways and helped her to escape. 86
RCSermon Neutral 50 Four years she looked for Ehren. Four years she wandered the Wasteland. 87
RCSermon Neutral 50 God looked over her in those years. 88
RCSermon Neutral 50 When she found her son, she found he was a wicked man. 89
RCSermon Neutral 50 Ehren had overthrown his masters and taken their place. He was an owner of men. 90
RCSermon Neutral 50 Ehren took his mother to be his slave, even knowing who she was, for Ehren blamed her for his painful early life. 91
RCSermon Neutral 50 Each day Ehren would think of a new and wicked trial to put her through. 92
RCSermon Neutral 50 She would only smile at him and say, "I forgive you." 93
RCSermon Neutral 50 Each morning she would be miraculously healed as if nothing had happened. 94
RCSermon Neutral 50 When Ehren truly realized her love and God's love was boundless, he flung himself at her feet and begged for Saint Monica’s forgiveness. 95
RCSermon Neutral 50 Ehren released all of his slaves, and they rejoiced. 96
RCSermon Neutral 50 He repented all his wicked ways. 97
RCSermon Neutral 50 Who among us is without sin? Who among us can claim to be innocent? 98
RCSermon Neutral 50 Come, brothers and sisters, let us pray to God and Saint Monica for deliverance from our sins, as Ehren was delivered from his. 99
RCSermon Neutral 50 Amen. Let us pray. 100