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The Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel is a ruined church in the northwest corner of in the Capital Wasteland in 2277. It is located between the deathclaw sanctuary, WKML Broadcast Station and Mount Mabel Campground


The chapel is in poor structural condition. A drifter inhabits the upper level. On the ground floor, there is a podium, some supplies, and a few beds.

Notable loot


  • The top level, where the drifter is, can be accessed with a bit of effort.
  • There is a skeleton of a man behind an overturned pew that he appears to have tried to use as cover, as well as two ammunition boxes and a combat shotgun next to him.
  • In a wooden crate is a box of detergent, and if the Lone Wanderer upturns the crate they'll find two stimpaks hidden underneath.


Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel appears only in Fallout 3.