Dick Shale was a pre-War voice actor hired by the West Virginia state government to narrate and present many audio tours of popular tourist destinations Appalachia. These included speaker booths at the sites themselves (such as the Uncanny Caverns audio tour) and holotapes distributed with audio information about popular Appalachian landmarks, presumably to be used by the listener as a self-guided audio tour of Appalachia.

The production value on these guided narrations was towards the low-end, and ads for various companies feature prominently in all and occasionally dominate the entire narration and uncut booth chatter can even be heard in one of the audio tour sessions. Despite the low production quality (or because of), Dick Shale has many audio tours at several locations. For the full list of Dick Shale's holotapes and tours, see below.

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Dick Shale is mentioned only in Fallout 76.

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