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Dick Hubbell, also called "The Hub," was a pre-War author and founder of Hubology. He would pass away before the Great War and become a martyr for Hubologists to rally behind. Hubbell's teachings would be preserved past the Great War and the Hubologists would persist well into 2287.


Dick Hubbell was the founder of Hubology, his own religion (and business), whose ideals and lore still exist in the post-nuclear world thanks to the post-war Hubologists and their leader, AHS-9. Pre-War, Dick Hubbell started out as just a writer, authoring hundreds of books and journals prior to the Great War. Thanks to his profuse use of the written word, Dick Hubbell would gain a massive following of fans and other adherents enough to found Hubology after being inspired by music and his personal experience with extraterrestrials.[1] Hubology was advertised as a correction of the perceived failure of modern medicine, organized religion, the federal government and Dick Hubbell would be at the center of the Great Wheel that would fix all those wrongs and reap all the benefits.

But not everyone fell for the word of the Hub and many critics would point out the pseudo-science behind his teachings. According to Hubology propaganda, detractors included governments, corporations and other entities that attempted to suppress the growth of Hubology. In retaliation, Hubbell would direct his Hubologists to infiltrate these organizations and extensively use media, like television programs, to expose government conspiracies and lies. This was quickly caught, however, and a backlash against Hubology would ensue. Hubologist propaganda would ironically blame media for distorting their message, and Hubology would be labeled as an organization of crackpots. During this time, Dick Hubbell would pass away.

Hubology being Hubology, Hubbell was not truly dead. Hubbell only achieved unity with the Star Father above and was in another consciousness separate from his corporeal form still turning the Great Wheel in favor of Hubology. The fact that Hubology survived the Great War has further bolstered their devotion, and thanks to their pre-War roots Hubologists are a technologically advanced group comparable to Shi or Brotherhood of Steel.[2]


Dick Hubbell is responsible for hundreds of books, what follows is only a sample of what is known he has written.[2]


Dick Hubbell is mentioned in Fallout 2 and in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Behind the scenesEdit

Dick Hubbell is a parody of L. Ron Hubbard, the creator of the very litigious Church of Scientology.


  1. Specifically, the zetan aliens, and Dick Hubbell would allegedly receive a genuine zetan blaster from that first contact.
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