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A standard pair of gambling dice. It'd be cool to get a fuzzy pair for your car.

Dice are miscellaneous items in Fallout 2.


Dice have no other uses besides selling and are not involved in any quest.


  • Two pairs can be found in the mercenaries' cave on the bookcase in the center, and one in the footlocker in the northwest.
  • A pair can be found in a grave in Golgotha, south of New Reno.
  • A pair can be found in the back area of Vault City, on a bookcase in the residential building in the southeast corner (first building on the right when you enter the back area, first room on the right) along with a deck of cards.
  • A pair of dice is carried by one of the Ascorti guards.[verification needed]


Maltese Falcon hookers will mention being impressed with the dice rolls of another individual in the casino, and then mention that they believe the individual may be cheating.[1]


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  1. "{126}{}{Did you see that? That was impossible!}"
    "# referring to dice roll"
    "{127}{}{I think they're cheating.}"