Diamond City security officers (simply known as Diamond City security in-game) are members of the Diamond City security force, operating in Diamond City in 2287.


The DC security force was established by the residents of Diamond City sometime after it was founded in 2130, to enforce the law and protect the city's residents from local raider gangs, Super mutants, Gunners, and other dangers that inhabit the Commonwealth.

The security guards are armed with customized baseball bats and handmade automatic rifles. They don old pre-War baseball gear as armor, reminiscent of the pre-war days of baseball games that took place back in the heyday of the old baseball stadium the great green Jewel of the Commonwealth was built in.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

This character has no special interactions.


Notable quotesEdit

  • "Diamond City Surplus is where you can sell all those scraps you've scavenged."
  • "You read that article? In Publick Occurrences? Damn synths could be anywhere."
  • "If you're heading outside the Wall, might want to stock up at Commonwealth Weaponry first."
  • "The Institute. Pfft. I ain't scared of them. No... really. I swear..."
  • "Park the car in the yard? How about I hammer you in the heart with a haymaker?" (This is in reference to the famous Bostonian accent. "Park the car in the yard" is a popular phrase used to tease the accent as "park," "car," and "yard" are all very distinctively pronounced by those with the accent)
  • "You cause trouble, there's gonna be trouble, got it?"
  • "Whoa! You look just like that Silver Shroud guy, from the radio!" (While wearing the Silver Shroud costume)
  • "Nice hat." (while wearing the Silver Shroud hat)
  • "Hey, you that trader, up from Quincy? You sell any ointment? I got me this itch..."
  • "No loitering."
  • "I'm too friggin' slow to join the Minutemen."
  • "A beer and my slippers after this shift. That's all I ask."
  • "Broke up with my girl. She kept the cap off the toothpaste. You know who does that? A synth."
  • "If I didn't know better, I could've sworn I saw you hanging out with a ghoul. Here in Diamond City, but that's impossible, right?" (after meeting with Bobbi No-Nose during The Big Dig)
  • "Is that a Pip-Boy? Give my left arm for one of those." (Ironically, the Pip-Boy is worn on the left)
  • "That sea monster in the harbor. True what they're saying? It was some kind of... submarine?" (After completing Here There Be Monsters)
  • "You keep lookin' at me like that, I'm gonna start thinkin' you're a synth..."`
  • "Yeah. It's true. I got shot in the ass last year. Long story."
  • "Word of advice - never call your mother a synth unless she is one, yikes."
  • "Geez, pal. I like guns too. But you think you might be overcompensating there?"`
  • "You been to Goodneighbor? Friggin' hole. Ghouls and chem heads all over."
  • "Someone said they saw you with a Ghoul kid. Ain't no such thing, I told him."
  • "So it's true then? You're leading the Minutemen? Good for you. Great cause."
  • "I hear you been asking questions around town. What, Diamond City's got two private dicks now?"
  • "You're getting pretty chummy with that reporter, huh? Be careful, there. The mayor's got it in for her."
  • "Look, that armor's great, don't get me wrong. But how the hell do you, you know... Pee?" (While wearing power armor)
  • "Hey, I ain't sayin' I want to shoot you, 'cause that would be rude. But would you even feel it?" (While wearing power armor)
  • "Hey, ask your knight friend if they got shuffleboard up on that fancy ship." (With Danse as a companion)
  • "I'm tellin' ya, it ain't just a story. University Point? That settlement on the coast? Wiped out. By synths." (This will mark University Point on your map)
  • "No funny business."
  • "Nice day, huh?"
  • "You wanna do something fun? Run the bases. Trust me."
  • "You need something, scavver?"
  • "Ho ho, fuckin' ho." (On December 25th)
  • "Today's Halloween, but do we get any treat's? Nooooo. It's all tricks, all day." (On October 31th)
  • "Get off your knees. You look like a jackass." (while crouching)


Diamond City security officers appear only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenesEdit

Diamond City security officers are a good source of information about the game world as well as rumors leading to various side quests. A trait they share with the city guards from the Elder Scrolls series.

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