Diamond City or commonly referred among wastelanders as "The Great Green Jewel" is a fortified settlement in The Commonwealth. This settlement is based on the pre-War structure of Fenway Park, its distinctive "Green Monster" color visible on the reinforced walls. The city guards can be seen wearing baseball jerseys and catchers' gear, reflecting the location's former use.


Diamond City was founded in the 2130's in Fenway Park, and quickly established itself as a safe haven for settlers of the Commonwealth, thanks to what its residents affectionately referred to as "the Wall". Later decades saw Diamond City grow into the Commonwealth's largest and most prosperous community, as well as a degree of social stratification. Wealthier residents came to live in homes in the settlement's exclusive Upper Stands, overlooking the Lower Field where everyone else strived to make a living.

In 2180, the Commonwealth Minutemen defended the city from an attacking group of Super mutants. This caused the faction's eventual rise to fame.

An incident known as the "Broken Mask" occurred in 2229, when a man calling himself Mr. Carter arrived. At first, the people of the city warmed to Mr. Carter, but while he was drinking at the bar that occupied the center of Diamond City's marketplace, he went berserk and killed several residents. When security personnel killed Mr. Carter, they discovered he was a Synth created by the Institute. From that moment on, the people of Diamond City lived in fear that they would be covertly replaced by Synths, though such talk was discouraged and ridiculed by the city's leadership. Even so, a number of people began inexplicably disappearing from the city over the following years, a disturbing trend that no one wished to acknowledge.

In 2272, the protectron Takahashi took up residence in the marketplace's old bar and opened Power Noodles, a restaurant that became a staple of Diamond City culture.

By 2282, Diamond City's mayor was McDonough. In that year, he controversially decreed the expulsion of all ghouls from the city. Some ghouls relocated to Goodneighbor, and continued to bear a grudge against both Mayor McDonough and the inhabitants of Diamond City in general, who did little to reverse the decree.

By 2287, some residents came to believe McDonough had been replaced by a Synth, a suspicion exacerbated by Piper, her sister Nat, and their newspaper Publick Occurrences.

When Piper reaches idolized status with the Sole Survivor, she explains that when she first moved to Diamond City with Nat, the Great Green Wall was broken, and patched with a solitary bookcase. This drove her to create Publick Occurrences to address the issues of Diamond City.



Notable loot


  • The first time entering Diamond City, Mayor McDonough will hold a speech to a small group of residents where he proclaims "I am NOT a Synth" and shortly after praises the wall.
  • If the Sole Survivor completes the main quest line with a determined major faction, all the flags in the city will be replaced with the faction's flag and members of that faction will be wandering the city.
  • On the in-game day of some holidays such as Christmas and Halloween the Market will change its design to that of the corresponding holiday themes. e.g. On the day of Christmas it will replace the lights with fairy lights and putting up Christmas trees, and some guards will occasionally comment about Christmas.
  • There are baseball bases around Diamond City that are labeled with tally marks of which base they are. Running over each of them in order will grant the Homerun! trophy/achievement and the guards will occasionally encourage the Sole Survivor to run the bases and hint it will be worthwhile. Also, all the street names relate to the bases with each named after their respective base including Home St.
  • There are two bounty boards in the city, one next to Swatters and another inside the Dugout Inn, in front of the door after entering. Both give the same Radiant Quest asking the Sole Survivor to kill a raider, ghoul or super mutant marked on the map at a randomly selected location upon interacting with the notice. Although it says there is no reward except what is looted from the corpses, in actuality some quest completion XP will be granted after killing the marked enemy. A new bounty will appear on the boards as soon as the current one is complete.
    • However, a glitch may prevent the spawning of new bounties. Currently, there is no workaround for this problem.
  • To the north east (left when exiting the city) and on top of the wall, there is a small diner overlooking the junkyard that contains a bed, a Power armor station, and a mini nuke among other miscellaneous loot items. This area is most easily accessible with the jetpack power armor modification.
  • On October 31 (in-game date) Diamond City Security guards will comment on it being Halloween and certain areas are decorated for this, most notably Power Noodles. Similarly, strings of colored lights and decorated trees will appear on December 25th. Other important days may also have such decorations, as well as other settlements.

Behind the scenes

  • Atop the press box, five red flags reading "World Series Champions" with the years 1903, 1912, 1915, 1916, and 1918. This implies that following the Divergence, the Red Sox never won the World Series again and the Curse of the Bambino was never broken. In the real world, the Red Sox finally won the World Series after an 86-year drought in 2004. They won again in 2007 and 2013.
  • In the Boston Bugle building, there is a newspaper that indicates that on October 23rd, 2077, on the day of the Great War, the Red Sox were winning the World Series, after decades of failure, they would finally win, unfortunately, the bombs fell on that day, and the Red Sox never played or won a World Series ever again.
  • Several real Fenway Park landmarks are represented in Diamond City.
    • According to the left field bleachers, the team's retired numbers in the Fallout universe were 1, 4, 6, 11, 13, 21, and 33. Of these, 1, 4, and 6 are actual retired numbers.
    • The scoreboard which Diamond City residents revere as "The Wall" is a real feature of Fenway Park's design. Its real nickname is "The Green Monster."
    • In the real life Fenway Park, there is a large Coca-Cola sign approximately in the same location and style as the Nuka Cola sign in game.
    • Likewise, the Mass Fusion billboard mounted on a building behind The Wall mirrors the placement of a large advertisement for the Citgo gasoline company made of neon lights. The real sign was rigged so that it could light up the letters C, IT, and GO in sequence ("See it go") when a home run was hit.
    • There is a single red seat in the bleachers, representing where Ted Williams hit the furthest ball in Fenway Park history, 502 feet from home plate.


  • PCIcon pc When using the elevator to the mayor's office with a companion the companion can end up at the first green trash can when you enter Diamond City, behind the street light in front of the elevator and be stuck there. Walking outside of Diamond City to the Fens (manually without fast-travel) will sometimes work to free a companion in this frustrating situation. [verified]
    • For PC players, utiilizing moveto.player after selecting the companions ID can rectify this issue.
  • Xbox OneIcon xboxone If one saves the game, provokes the town, and then loads up the save while the town is hostile, some of the residents will appear to be in attack mode while holding invisible weapons, but will not attack the player and carry on with their routines.


Diamond City
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