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Welcome to the great green jewel of the Commonwealth. Safe. Happy. A fine place to come, spend your money, settle down.Mayor McDonough

Diamond City, commonly referred to as the "Great Green Jewel," is a large fortified settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287.[1]

The settlement was built within Boston's world-renowned baseball stadium that once hosted Boston's resident swatting sultans. Its distinctive green color visible on the tall, reinforced walls, earning the nickname of the "Green Monster."[2]

With its own police force, public school, robust agriculture and industry, and a great deal of economic influence across the region, it is by far the most prosperous settlement in the Commonwealth. Diamond City Radio is a symbol of its prosperity and might.[2]


With the years of pre-War baseball long past, Diamond City was founded in its stead.[2] The settlement established itself as a safe haven for settlers of the Commonwealth, thanks to what its residents affectionately referred to as "the Wall." Later decades saw Diamond City grow into the Commonwealth's largest and most prosperous community.[3] It developed a degree of social stratification as wealthier residents came to occupy properties in the settlement's exclusive upper stands. These overlooked the lower field where those with less means took up residence.[4][Non-canon 1]

Post-War events

The stadium and those who live within have experienced several significant events after the war. In 2180, the Commonwealth Minutemen defended the city from an attacking horde of super mutants, causing the militia's rise to prominence.[5] The Broken Mask incident that occurred fifty years later, in 2229, had a far more lasting impact. A visitor named Mr. Carter suddenly opened fire at a centrally located Diamond City bar, killing several citizens. After Diamond City security took him down, an examination of his remains revealed that he was a synth.[6] This single incident planted seeds of fear that eventually blossomed into a full-scale paranoia about the Institute and its abductions.[7] Since the event, the fear has only escalated due to regular and unexplained disappearances that have persisted for over half a century.[8]

The city continued to grow despite these troubles, affecting the Commonwealth in many ways. One of its more dubious contributions is Goodneighbor, a settlement founded by a group of criminals banished from the city in 2240, quickly turning it into a haven for all activities that Diamond City would frown upon.[9] Others were more beneficial. In 2272, a new restaurant named Power Noodles was established, with a Protectron known as Takahashi at the helm. The restaurant rapidly became a staple of Diamond City culture. Piper Wright and her sister, Nat, also immigrated to the city, founding the Publick Occurrences, a newspaper dedicated to changing the city for the better and addressing its many problems. Her activism has galvanized support for fixing the city's problems, such as corruption among the DCS officers, poorly maintained infrastructure, or lack of maintenance on the Wall separating the city from the wasteland.[10][11]

However, the city's denizens were not immune to the baser instincts of humanity. In 2282, Diamond City fell prey to a surge of anti-ghoul racism, fermented by a candidate by the name of McDonough ran for the city's mayor on the Mankind for McDonough platform, which was effectively an anti-ghoul crusade. He won the 2282 election thanks to the votes of the Upper Stands citizens and issued the anti-ghoul decree of 2282 in his inaugural speech. The resulting pogrom was carried out by people the ghouls once called their neighbors and saw entire families thrown out of the city into the surrounding ruins to perish. The belongings left behind by the ghouls were taken by the remaining humans, enriching the denizens of the field and pacifying them.[12] Five years later, in 2287, McDonough remains in power, posing as the city's defender, while secretly ensuring that Diamond City stays out of The Institute's hair. As an infiltrator, he is very capable in his role - although his cover is starting to fray at the edges.[13] Some residents came to believe McDonough had been replaced by a synth. It is a suspicion fermented by Piper and her sister Nat, as part of their investigative journalism for Publick Occurrences.


Diamond City is divided between people living on the former baseball field and those in the Upper Stands. The former comprise the city's laborers, craftsmen, farmers, and other workers, while the latter are caravan owners, merchants, and other rich people who control the lion's share of the City's wealth.[14] McDonough exploited this divide and favored the city's elite, which may have wanted ghouls gone merely to improve their view.[12]

Diamond City is the only settlement in the Commonwealth that guarantees a free education to all children regardless of their social or financial status.[15] It also hosts a non-denominational chapel open to all religious adherents, giving them a quiet, safe space to pray and worship. Power is provided by a fusion generator tower in the heart of the city's market, giving its denizens access to cheap electricity.[Non-canon 2] The irony of nuclear power first destroying the world then giving Diamond City its main advantage is not lost on the more scientifically-inclined members of the community.[16]

Food is provided to the city from independent farms across the commonwealth, such as Abernathy farm. However a much larger supplier is the Codman family's holdings. The family owns both the orchard within the walls, as well as the Codman family farms, which provides brahmin meat to Choice Chops.[17][18]


The city is split into social classes where the rich and powerful reside in the upper stands, whilst the common people, both housed and unhoused, live in the field below. The center of the city is the marketplace, which is approached by the main entrance stairs from the south. Surrounding the marketplace are four main streets laid out along the old baselines: First Street on the south side, Second Street on the east side, Third Street on the north side, and Home Street on the west side. The least wealthy residents sleep under shelters in the area north of Third Street, where they tend a small number of crops. At the north side of the city, there is an auditorium area, a larger crop field, and brahmin pen. There is also a small irradiated lake to the east of Second Street, where the city's water is purified and sold.

Food can be harvested from the small and large crop fields, or from the greenhouse building, or bought from vendors. Purified water can only be obtained from vendors. All types of standard crafting station are available for use in the marketplace. A bed may be rented at the Dugout Inn, or by obtaining access to either Home Plate or Kellogg's house.



Former residents
¹ Replaces an unnamed resident while present
² Two residents will be replaced by faction members after completion of the main questline

Notable loot


  • The first time entering Diamond City, Mayor McDonough will give a speech to a small group of residents where he proclaims "I am NOT a synth" and shortly after, praises the wall.
  • After the Sole Survivor finishes the quest Jewel of the Commonwealth, the front gate remains raised. By using a Jet pack (or console commands if on PC), one can reach the platform with the crane arms above. There, one can interact with either crane, which will instantly reset the gate to its original position and then slowly raise it again.
  • If the Sole Survivor completes the main quest line with a determined major faction, all the flags in the city will be replaced with the faction's flag and members of that faction will be wandering the city.
  • On the in-game days of Christmas and Halloween, the market is decorated appropriately for the corresponding holiday. On Halloween, the decorations include banners, paper cutouts of cats, skeletons and pumpkin men, and plastic pumpkins. The Christmas decorations consist of strings of colorful lights and Christmas trees. Furthermore, the Christmas decorations will be displayed from Christmas day up to New Year's Eve. But in order for these decorations to appear, the Sole Survivor must visit Diamond City at least once on Christmas Day. Otherwise, the decorations will not appear on any of the subsequent days.
  • There are baseball bases around Diamond City that are labeled with tally marks of which base they are. Running over each of them in order will grant the Homerun! trophy/achievement and the guards will occasionally encourage the Sole Survivor to run the bases and hint it will be worthwhile. Also, all the street names relate to the bases with each named after their respective base including Home Street.
  • There are two bounty boards in the city, one next to Swatters and another inside the Dugout Inn, in front of the door after entering. Both give the same radiant quest asking the Sole Survivor to kill a raider, ghoul, or super mutant marked on the map at a randomly selected location upon interacting with the notice. Although it says there is no reward except what is looted from the corpses, in actuality some quest completion XP will be granted after killing the marked enemy. A new bounty will appear on the boards as soon as the current one is complete.
  • If one exits the stadium and immediately goes left around the first corner, there is a small diner on top of the wall, overlooking the junkyard. It contains a bed, a power armor station, and a mini nuke among other miscellaneous loot items. If one turns right instead and goes a full block to the crumbling corner outside of the third base, they can get on top of the wall and find a duffle bag and an explosives box. Finally, if one continues in that direction and gets on the wall behind the second base, there are two stimpaks and a dose of Addictol sitting on a crate. These areas are most easily accessible with the jetpack power armor modification.
  • One can close the Diamond City gate by reaching the hidden diner overlooking the junkyard and from there head west until one reaches the upper parts of the gate. From there the player character will have to access the top of the gate (most easily accessible with the jetpack power armor modification) and approach one of the yellow beams holding the gate in place to open the gate. The gate will not immediately close upon closing it, the player character will need to enter an interior cell for the gate to properly close. Once closed, the player character can open it from the ground by simply walking up to it and opening it.
  • Despite ghouls being banned from Diamond City, if Hancock or Billy Peabody, an intelligent child ghoul found during the quest Kid in a Fridge, is taken to the city, they will be allowed inside.
  • On occasion while waiting in the market an Assaultron may spawn. While not hostile to the player character it will engage anyone within the city.
    • It may spawn as a glitch after hacking a robot with the Robotics Expert perk and not shutting it down or destroying it.
  • If the Institute ending is chosen, Institute flags will appear around town. Also, gen 1 synths will walk around the Diamond City market. If the Sole Survivor communicates with them, they inform them that they're here to spread the presence of the Institute. Diamond City security will comment saying that the synths suddenly appeared but they weren't causing any disruption or trouble, so they let them stay. Some will be crafting weapons/armor while other synths may be browsing different stores in the market.
    • Myrna, who seemed to previously have an aversion to synths, lets them browse her store and will no longer comment on hating synths.
  • The crops in the crop field do not re-spawn once harvested.
  • In the Boston Bugle building, there is a newspaper article on a terminal that indicates that on October 23, 2077, on the day of the Great War, the team was to play Game 7 of the World Series. The article is optimistic in stating that after decades of failure, they would finally win.
  • There is a secret room hidden along the exterior of Diamond City, accessible by jumping from the buildings across Diamond City, or by using a jet pack.

Companion comments

Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "If we're looking for some action, I'm bettin' we'll find it here."
Codsworth "So this is the famous Diamond City. I suppose I hoped to find more of a gem than a dusty home base. Civilization "in the rough" if you will!"
Curie "Are we going to see this baseball game? How exciting!"
Danse "It's a shame these people have to live in fear, sheltering in this old stadium when all those perfectly good buildings are still standing outside."
Deacon "Diamond City. Watch what you say. If the Institute chose one place to infiltrate - we're walking right into it."
Hancock "Diamond City, huh? You know they ain't real fond of Ghouls in this town."
Nick Valentine "Even good people do crazy things when they're scared. Ought to be Diamond City's motto."
Piper "It's big, loud, full of corrupt officials and brown-nosing citizens. But it's home."
Preston Garvey "Mayor McDonough has always been against the Minutemen. I never quite understood why." (entrance)
"Things are looking up around here now that McDonough's gone." (entrance after killing McDonough)
MacCready "Haven't been to Diamond City in years, but I'll tell you... nothing's changed."
Strong "Stinks like humans here."
X6-88 "Good place to stock up on supplies, if you can stand the smell."


Diamond City appears only in Fallout 4, and is mentioned in Zoe's diary in the Automatron add-on[19] and by Lizzie Wyath in the Nuka-World add-on.[20] It is also mentioned in a question in the Fallout Shelter weekly quest Game Show Gauntlet.

Behind the scenes

  • Diamond City itself is designed after the real life Fenway Park.
    • The Wall is based on the real world location of "the Wall" or "Green Monster," popular nicknames for the 37 foot (11.33 m) left field wall at Fenway Park.
    • In the real life Fenway Park, there is a large Coca-Cola sign approximately in the same location and style as the Nuka-Cola sign in game.
    • Likewise, the Mass Fusion billboard mounted on a building behind the Wall mirrors the placement of a large advertisement for the Citgo gasoline company made of neon lights. The real sign was rigged so that it could light up the letters C, IT and GO in sequence ("See it go") when a home run was hit.
    • There is a single red seat in the bleachers, representing where Ted Williams hit the furthest ball in Fenway Park history, 502 feet from home plate.
  • Nathan Purkeypile designed much of Diamond City's layout, lighting, and cluttering.[Non-canon 3][Non-canon 4] It was the first location that he worked on for the game, as the developers knew from the beginning that they wanted iconic stadium lights and that the main quest would point towards it as a "beacon" or landmark that could help the player navigate the city.[Non-canon 5]
  • Atop the press box, there are five red flags reading "World Series Champions" with the years 1903, 1912, 1915, 1916, and 1918. The Red Sox never won the World Series again and the Curse of the Bambino was never broken. In the real world, the Red Sox finally won the World Series after an 86-year drought in 2004.
    • According to the left-field bleachers, the team's retired numbers in the Fallout universe were 1, 4, 6, 11, 13, 21, and 33. Of these, 1, 4, and 6 are actual retired numbers.
    • Diamond City resident Moe Cronin bears a name near identical to former Red Sox player Joe Cronin, owner of one of the aforementioned retired numbers.


  • Icon pc.png When using the elevator to the mayor's office with a companion the companion can end up at the first green trash can when you enter Diamond City, behind the street light in front of the elevator and be stuck there. Walking outside of Diamond City to the Fens (manually without fast-travel) will sometimes work to free a companion in this frustrating situation. [verified]
    • For PC players, utilizing moveto.player after selecting the companions ID can rectify this issue.
  • Icon pc.png Icon xboxone.png Occasionally, if the player activates the elevator on the way down from the mayor's office, and before the elevator reaches the bottom floor, activates the second button, the guard rail will extend, as if the player were to disembark and retract upon arrival as if the player is riding the elevator. [verified]
    • Activating the elevator and leaving Diamond City or entering a building before the elevator stops moving and reload the game may fix this. On PC Using tcl to noclip through the exit will make this easier.
  • Icon pc.png Icon ps4.png Putting any items in mailboxes, even the one in front of the Sole Survivor's Home Plate residence, will show as owned upon closing the dialogue box. Stealing is the only way to access said items. [verified]
  • Icon xboxone.png Icon ps4.png After completing the quest Unlikely Valentine, two triggermen may spawn in Diamond City each time you travel to the city. Most of the civilians in Diamond City will engage. As of now, there is no fix. [verified]
  • Icon pc.png On Halloween (in-game date), a pumpkin spawns next to the hat rack at the barber shop. A NPC can touch and launch it, causing a glitch, where everyone in the market takes periodic damage. Loading a previous save and disabling the pumpkin via console commands prevents this glitch. [verification overdue]


Concept art


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  1. Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Rulebook p.288: "Before the Great War, the area Diamond City was based on was a popular baseball stadium known as Fenway Park, leading to its grounds becoming a location which multiple people flocked to as it provided a great deal of protection from both the elements as well as a symbol of civilization which dissuaded nefarious groups from attacking. As time went on, it developed its own minor economy, and individuals of greater or lesser means stratified themselves in a society which had both prosperous “Upper Stands” and an area known as the “Lower Fields” where the rest of the residents lived."
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    [01] All Faiths Chapel
    A multidenominational church open 24 hours a day, run by the friendly Pastor Clements. Sit on a pew in the church to gain benefits of the Quiet Reflection perk.
    [02] Publick Occurrences
    This location is named after the newspaper, which is written, edited, and published by Piper. Her little sister Nat sells copies at the front of their office. She also publishes stories, such as “The Synthetic Truth,” and is currently on the outs with the mayor. Inside the office, you can read her terminal notes and steal some chems and ammo.
    [04] Fallon’s Basement
    This premiere (and only) clothing store sells a variety of prewar attire at the best prices, as well as helpful outfits, like hazmat suits. The proprietor Becky Fallon tells everyone she’s a direct descendant of the original Fallon family. Aside from a large supply of cram, the only item of note is a Holotape you can listen to regarding the Railroad.
    [05] Power Noodles
    This noodle bar was built up against the fusion generator tower in the center of the settlement, where the pitcher’s mound was. The Protectron chef, Takahashi, has a single phrase—“Nan-ni shimasho-ka?” or “What would you like to have?”—and a single item to trade. Noodles, naturally.
    [10] Swatters
    “A swatter never runs out of bullets!” as Moe Cronin is fond of saying. He runs this store specializing in baseball equipment and almost nothing else. Barter with Moe to obtain a unique bat, and speak to him for a couple of quests that can net you some Caps.
    [13] Chem-I-Care
    This is a popular establishment, thanks to the genial owner, Solomon. Selling a complete variety of chems and healing supplies, Solomon may have convinced the populace that the benefits of his wares outweigh the risks. Pick the lock of his house (Novice) for a few more chems to steal inside.
    [14] Mega Surgery
    Despite the corrugated roof, this is a state-of-the-art medical facility offering healing, cybernetic grafts, and even facial reconstruction. Fancy a change in appearance? Sit down under Doctor Sun’s scalpel! There are some other goings on here too; check the listed side quest before descending into the surgery cellar (Advanced).
    [15] Choice Chops
    Fresh Brahmin meat is available from the sullen butcher, Polly (who’s a frustrated poet), or Mole Rat meat if you’re feeling adventurous. You can break into Polly’s house (Novice) if you want to hack her terminal (Novice).
    [18] The Wall
    The great green wall has protected Diamond City for as long as anyone can remember. Only Abbot spends time here keeping the stage from falling into disrepair, the Brahmins fed, and the wall painted.
    [22] Science! Center
    The foremost center of scientific experimentation and discovery in Diamond City, run by the enthusiastic Doctor Duff. Her colleague is a little tired of Duff’s prattling. Take a quiz with Duff if you want. Snoop on Scara’s terminal (Master) if you can.
    [27] Dugout Inn
    This is the primary watering hole of Diamond City. Many of the residents go here in the evenings to grab a drink. Occasionally, the place has guests who are traveling through the Commonwealth, as there are rooms available (and mattresses to sleep on) for 100 Caps. Though the Russian twins who run this place are identical in their features, their personalities are completely different.
    [30] Colonial Taphouse
    The snobbish denizens of the upper area sip their alcohol from this establishment. Receive a dressing down from Wellington in the exterior seating area, then head inside for a pint and a punch if you’re not careful. Look for the Holotape and a floor safe (Advanced) behind the bar.
    [32] Codman Residence
    Break in through the door (Advanced) to the home of the oldest family in Diamond City. The Codmans own the orchard."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)
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Diamond City