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Faceless and formidable, certainly. But kind. A true expression of Atom's concern for us all.— Devin

Brother Devin is a fasting devotee of the Church of the Children of Atom at the Nucleus in 2287.


Once a wastelander, Devin was a Jet addict, to the point where his addiction caused his family had to shun him. His father would say that he had no son, as Jet killed him. With no family or home, he wandered the woods getting high on Jet when he came upon the Nucleus after weeks of travel. It was there that he acquired the quest to go to Atom's Spring and drink from its waters. There he had a vision:[1] A messenger from Atom, a verdant stag strode from the sky before him, wreathed in glowing radiation. It commanded him to return to the Nucleus, to leave behind his iniquities and give himself fully to Atom. For his dedication, Atom would send another messenger, who would free him from his dependency on Jet once and for all.[2][3]

This vision was seen favorably by the Children, seeing him as special and that Atom had chosen him. Determined to make his god and new family proud, he embarked on a long fast.[1] This fast of only irradiated water, however, is detrimental in that Devin was born without a resistance to radiation, and with him avoiding anti-radiation medication to obtain a revelation,[2] his friend, Zealot Ware, has become concerned for him. They previously bonded over how they both needed a hand, which their new family provided.[4] Devin's prolonged fast will cause him to inevitably perish, which is a source of much frustration for Ware.[5]

Now that Devin looks like a ghoul with hair, Ware's concern has him seeking the help of the Sole Survivor. As both a new convert and the one who saw the Mother of the Fog,[6] Ware seeks the Sole Survivor's help in getting Devin to end his fast. The others in the cult see Devin's devotion as admirable rather than detrimental,[7] even at the cost of committing blasphemy, which is something he must avoid because of the current political climate within the Nucleus.[8]

Ware has tried to convince Devin to end his fast to save his life, but Devin will have none of it.[9] This is because since the day of his vision, he has not taken a single hit of Jet, knowing that a return to his old ways is just as suicidal as if he starved to death.[10]

If the Sole Survivor cannot convince Devin to give up the fast, and that he has freed himself from his addictions,[11] Ware creates a plan for the Sole Survivor to impersonate either Atom or a messenger of his.[12] If the Sole Survivor goes through with Ware's plan and irradiates themselves without wearing a mask Devin will recognize the Sole Survivor and assure them that he will keep their identity as a messenger for Atom a secret. Whether the Sole Survivor does wear a mask or not he will tell others in his family about his vision.[10] If the Island has peace following the Children of Atom's Reformation, Devin will believe that the depths of Atom's compassion never cease to amaze,[13] however, if the Children are successful in shutting the power off to the fog condensers and subsequently Far Harbor is engulfed by the Fog, he sees their punishment as the cost of refusing Atom.[14]

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Child of Atom rags Gamma gun


Brother Devin appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.



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