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The device holotapes are three holotapes that were cut from Fallout 76.


Device tape 01

Scott Darcy: 'Evening sir. Sheriff Darcy. Can I ask what you're doing out here?

Douglas Martin Schultz: Nothing. Do not talk about collecting data for project Orbuculum. Everything is normal.

Scott Darcy: Huh. Awfully late for a... Spruce Knob Park Ranger to be wandering around the woods outside of our little town here. Can I get a name and ID from you sir?

Douglas Martin Schultz: Douglas Martin Schultz. ID Number PS59683. Reporting for delivery.

Scott Darcy: Okay buddy, right. How about you move along. Head on home, or wherever else you need to be for the night.

Douglas Martin Schultz: Okay. Heading to Spruce Knob Campground for next data transfer.

Device tape 02

Douglas Martin Schultz: Begin Recording: Orbuculum tape SK004-A081677. Previous tape, SK004-A073077 full. Continuing on route to site SD001 outside Sons of Dane Compound.

<TBD Nature Sounds>

Device tape 03

Douglas Martin Schultz: Begin Recording: Orbuculum tape SD001-B092177. Previous tape, SD001-B090977 is missing. Beginning cursory search of the area.

... Oof, that smarts! Where the hell am I, and why do I feel like I should be heading to a place called Sugar Grove? Gotta find my way home..