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The Devastator's armor is a set of armor in Fallout 4.


The Devastator's armor is a unique set of heavy metal armor with legendary armor effects. The chestpiece provides a ballistic Damage Resistance of 44 and an Energy Resistance of 31 as well as reflecting 10% of melee damage back to the attacker. The right greave provides a ballistic resistance of 27 and an energy resistance of 17, as well as temporarily slowing time (similar to the effects of Jet) when health drops below 20%.


Devastator's chestpiece

  • Modifications: Enameled metal, BioCommMesh

Devastator's right greave

  • Modifications: Enameled metal, Cushioned



  • When the Devastator's chestpiece is upgraded with the polished metal modification, the piece will provide a higher damage resistance than a heavy synth chest piece with the nanofiliment modification, but lower energy resistance (2 more DR but 17 less ER).
  • Likewise, the Devastator's right greave provides more DR when upgraded with polished metal than a heavy synth right leg with the nanofiliment modification, but less ER (10 more DR but 4 less ER).