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Detroit was a pre-War city.


Detroit is mentioned in Guns and Bullets #4: Street Guns of Detroit, a magazine found in the Commonwealth and Appalachia. The issue features handmade pipe weaponry and suggests the crude devices were known to be used in criminal acts on the city's streets before the Great War.

Detroit is also mentioned on the Eden Meadows Cinemas terminal entries as having manufactured Roborilla, a fictional American-made robot featured in an upcoming movie Manzilloid vs. Roborilla.[1]

In Appalachia, a man named Johnny Weston mentions to the player character that he may or may not be from Detroit and refuses to tell them his origins.[2] Solomon Hardy also hailed from the city, with a family going back generations.[3]


Detroit is mentioned in Fallout 4 and its add-on Far Harbor, as well as in the Fallout 76 updates Wastelanders and Steel Dawn.

Behind the scenes

Detroit is a real world city and the most populous in the state of Michigan.


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    (Solomon Hardy's dialogue)