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Destroyer's armor is a unique set of armor in Fallout 4.


Destroyer's armor is an obtainable set of combat armor that has various legendary armor effects for each piece.


  • Destroyer's chest piece - Reduces damage from humans by 15% (Assassin's)
  • Destroyer's right leg - +10% movement speed (Sprinter's)
  • Destroyer's left leg - +10% movement speed (Sprinter's)
  • Destroyer's left arm - Reduces damage while blocking or sprinting by 15% (Cavalier's)
  • Destroyer's helmet - +1 Charisma, +1 Intelligence (Sharp)

Destroyer's left arm

The Destroyer's left arm is a combat armor left arm with the Cavalier effect, which reduces the damage taken by the Sole Survivor while they are blocking or sprinting by 15%. It comes with the Reinforced and Braced modifications and affords 2 more Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance than a similarly modified combat armor left arm piece would.