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For an overview of eyebots that appear in the Fallout series of games, see eyebot.
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The destroyed eyebot is a container in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


Similar in appearance to the broken eyebot, they carry the components to upgrade ED-E. Five are lying scattered throughout the Divide.


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  • Hopeville missile silo bunker - After power is returned to the silo, go through the newly opened door. The upgrade is inside of a destroyed eyebot.
  • Hopeville Missile Base Headquarters - Under a desk, in the inventory of a destroyed eyebot.
  • Ashton missile silo- Inside the locked room along the catwalk from the Level 1 launch deck. To get there, stay on level 1 and go through the medical area. Go through the rear door of the medical area, and turn right. The locked terminal (Science 75) is to the side of the metal door. The circuit board is found in a destroyed eyebot.
  • Sunstone Tower roof - Climb down the exterior and locate a large pipe, leading up a hill. The eyebot is to the north of the pipe, but is not accessible from the Sunstone area. Detonate the warhead in the area where "Courier six?" is stenciled on the wall. Proceed through the new pathway and head to the northeast, until spotting a blue automobile nose-down in the ground. Go east until spotting two warheads. Detonate the one on the right. Walk straight up the ramp with the blue symbol on it to find the eyebot. Another way to get to this location is fast travel to the Cave of the Abaddon, leave the cave and look left. There will be a warhead there. Once the warhead has exploded, walk up the ramp. The eyebot will be laying on the ground.
  • Municipal sewers - The eyebot is in a small, unmarked location accessible from the Third Street Municipal Building.


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