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Destroy all of the Spore Plants was going to be a quest in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.[1]


Some fool planted the seeds from a spore plant fruit, hoping to grow more fruit (and not knowing it was a spore plant fruit). Now the damn things are all over one of the gardens and are threatening the nearby villagers.

Character type completion breakdown

  1. CombatBoy - Kills!
  2. ScienceBoy - Can poison them!

Journal Entries

Normal Journal

1 Spore plants are starting to show up all over the Blackfoot village.
2 I've started to deal with the spore plant problem for the Blackfoots.
3 I've killed all of the spore plants for the Blackfoots.
4 I released some coyotes into the village. With their small size and good speed, they're well-suited for evading spore plants' attacks.
5Quest finishedI told them never to plant the spore plant fruits or they'll come back again.

Dumb Journal

1 Bad plants attacking Blackfoots. Bad!
2 Me kill bad plants in village.
3Quest finishedMe kill all bad plants in village.