The Desperado is a New Reno casino, and home to the Mordino family. It is the focal point for the New Reno drug industry, primarily jet.


The casino itself is lacking the glamour of the outer facade; the interior is dirty, poorly lit, and stinks of booze, jet, and sex. The slot machines probably haven't been oiled in a long time.

The upper level of the casino is broken up into a series of rooms, with Big Jesus' room at the center. Most of the rooms are leased out to the guards.

The basement of the Desperado is home to a large boiler, several rats, and a snitch and thief named Pretty Boy Lloyd. There's a room with a bunch of blue crates that also houses an O2 tank filled with a toxic gas.

Notable lootEdit

Related questsEdit

As the hub of activity for the Mordinos, this is where you'll get all of their quests from. Big Jesus has three jobs that need doing. A new recruit needs to deliver a package to the head guard at the Stables, force a payment out of the local porn studio, and take out Louis Salvatore.

Big Jesus doesn't pay as handsomely as some of the other bosses, but all of his jobs are easy and provide a quick path to becoming a Made Man in Reno.


The Desperado appears in Fallout 2 and is mentioned in Fallout Bible.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The design of the exterior entrance to the Desperado is heavily influenced by the real life Golden Nugget hotel and casino in Las Vegas.
  • The casino itself is a reference the Reno casino Eldorado. The Mordinos also appear to be a reference to the Caranos who own the Eldorado.
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