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For the Fallout 4 container, see Desk (Fallout 4).

The desk is a furniture item used by a person for supporting and storing items.


A desk has a flat surface for working on and for supporting other items, two columns of file drawers for storing items, and two legs for supporting the desk above the ground. Desks are commonly associated with chairs and are often found accompanying them. The student desks is a furniture set that incorporates a desk and a chair. The desk is a variant of the table. Desks are communally used in the Vault-Tec Vaults.

Desk modelsEdit

  • Wooden office desk - This desk model has a wooden surface, two columns of three files drawers each made of metal, and two legs on either side of the desk for support. For additional support, a metal brace is placed below and connecting the drawers. These desks are used in the vaults.
    • Vault 101 locations: Classroom, physician's office
  • Gametitle-FNV LR Physician's desk - same appearance as metal office desk.
  • There is a metal corner desk in Megaton house if the Lone Wanderer chose to disarm the Megaton atomic bomb during The Power of the Atom.

Game mechanicsEdit

Items can be placed into and taken from desks.


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