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We Rangers hail from back east, what used to be called Nevada. Our heritage stretches back to the days of the Texas Rangers. We learn survival and combat skills in order to go out into the world and have a chance of surviving and making things better.Tycho in Fallout

The Desert Rangers were a faction living east of California, in the Nevada area but also have been known to be found in Arizona.


The Desert Rangers have survived ever since the end of the Great War until their unification with the NCR Rangers in 2271. This small community had a strong survivalist contingent, likely retaining some small arms and books. In the early 22nd century, they clashed with a tribal gang leader in the ruins of Las Vegas. They were known to protect people in cities and towns from enemies such as the White Legs, tribals, and super mutants. Later, the Rangers came into contact with Caesar's Legion in Arizona and a war ensued. The war was going poorly for the Desert Rangers until, in 2271, NCR Rangers reached the Mojave Wasteland. The Desert Rangers signed the "Ranger Unification Treaty" with the NCR and they were absorbed into the NCR Rangers in exchange for NCR's protection of Hoover Dam and Nevada from Caesar's Legion. The great monument at the Mojave Outpost remains to this day depicting this historic moment.


In Fallout, Tycho mentions that his grandfather was a Desert Ranger, and that his grandfather taught him and his father those survival skills. Further more, Tycho is described to be wearing the Desert Ranger armor, however his model is not designed after it and is simply shown as wearing leather armor.

In Fallout: New Vegas, there is a monument at the entrance of the "Mojave Outpost" that depicts a Desert Ranger and NCR Ranger shaking hands, representing the pact between the two factions. NCR Veteran Rangers bear a nearly identical appearance to Desert Rangers.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Desert Rangers are a reference to Wasteland, the 1987 game to which Fallout is considered to be the spiritual successor. That game also featured Desert Rangers facing challenges in a post-apocalyptic setting (specifically, the American Southwest.)
  • Some background information about the Desert Rangers presented in this article comes from Jesse Heinig interviewed in the Fallout Bible 9, who designed Tycho of Fallout.
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