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The Desert Ranger combat armor and the matching Desert Ranger combat helmet are pieces of armor in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


Armor with a desert camouflage pattern, military helmet, gas mask, olive green duster, and a pair of khaki pants. Data of the original owner, R.B. Vickers, is printed on the collar and includes rank, name, service branch, and blood type. On the back of the helmet are the names of two locations, Nanjing and Shanghai, and abbreviations of months for each place as well as tally marks. Nanjing has JUN, JUL, AUG, and an SE which is crossed out. Shanghai has SEP, OCT, NOV, DEC, JAN, FEB, MAR, APL, and MAY. The words "FORGIVE ME MAMA" are written across the front of the helmet. Randall Clark utilized it after the war, storing it in Stone Bones cave.


The armor set provides a high degree of protection, with 22 Damage Threshold, one of the highest Damage Threshold amounts for a medium armor set in the game.



Name DT WG Durability Value Armor class Effects
NCR Ranger combat armor 20 30 600 7500 Medium armor Disguise: NCR
Desert Ranger combat armor 22 30 600 8000 Medium armor None
Riot gear 20 30 500 7994 Medium armor Guns +5, Agl +1
Advanced riot gear 21 25 600 8494 Medium armor Explos. +10, End +1
Elite riot gear 22 23 750 12500 Medium armor Crit +5, Guns +10, Charis +1



  • This armor is equal to a suit of T-45d power armor in terms of Damage Resistance but is classified as medium armor. The armor weighs the same as NCR Ranger combat armor but provides +2 more Damage Threshold. The helmet is weightless and has a +1 DT bonus.
  • Unlike NCR Ranger combat armor, the Desert Ranger combat armor is not considered faction armor.
  • Repairing this armor when it's fully broken costs 16,000 caps.
  • Sometimes while wearing this armor, NCR troopers will comment on being in the presence of a Ranger when you talk to them, even though this is not a faction armor.

Behind the scenes




  1. Question: "On the desert ranger combat armor R.B. Vickers is painted on the armor. Was this going to be Clark's name and was just changed at the last minute or is it his friend's armor, or just some dude's, that died and Clark was just using it to survive in Zion?"
    Joshua Sawyer: "R.B. Vickers is the name of the armor's original owner."
    (Joshua Sawyer on Formspring 18 May 2011)
  2. Question: "What's the significance of the "FORGIVE ME MAMA" on the helmet? Also, when did Vickers rotate back to the States? April 2077?"
    Joshua Sawyer: "The text on the Desert Ranger Helmet is part of a recurring theme within Honest Hearts."
    (Joshua Sawyer on Formspring 23 May 2011)
  3. Joshua Sawyer on Formspring 18 May 2011