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For an overview of Desert Eagle models in all games, see Desert Eagle .44.
An ancient Desert Eagle pistol, in .44 Magnum. Interest in late 20th century films made this one of the most popular handguns of all times.Fallout and Fallout 2 description

The Desert Eagle is a small gun in Fallout and Fallout 2.


The Desert Eagle serves as an excellent mid-game pistol, offering higher damage than the old 10mm, and a fairly common ammunition type. It out-ranges the .44 Magnum revolver by a bit, and carries 2 more rounds in a magazine, but the .44 Magnum does more damage and can be fired for fewer AP. Overall, this weapon is great until a needler pistol or .223 pistol can be found. It could be replaced by a 14mm pistol, but only with an armor-piercing fix patch.


In Fallout 2, it can be upgraded with an extended magazine, increasing its ammunition capacity to 20 rounds.



Fallout 2Edit


In the Fallout demo, the Desert Eagle is called a Magnum pistol.[1]

This was Chris Taylor’s favorite gun during Fallout’s development, so he had to include it. It and the 9mm Mauser are the only two "real-world" firearms in Fallout.[2]





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  2. Post by Chris Taylor where he stated, ‘The gun choices in FO1 were 90% mine. I felt that weapon technology would have developed differently in the Fallout universe after the split with our timeline, so I tried to make less of the weapons "real-world". The two exceptions (that I can remember) are the Desert Eagle .44 and the 9mm Mauser. The DE was my favorite gun at the time and I had to include it.
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