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This is a transcript for dialogue with Derrick Taylor.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00536FFA 00537042 He's never gonna budge, I know that!
2 00537043 Sees ya!
3 00537044 Sees ya.
4 00537045 I will! Now what the cob was I up to here.... Friendly goodbye, then the second part is spoken to yourself quietly
9 00537016 0053702A How's about yinz work on that cabin down the way?
10 0053702B I was so tired when I got home from working last night I fell right to sleep. How ya doing?
11 0053702C Did ya eat yet?
12 0053702D Oh my gosh, Davie's loving it here. Elsie's even down to two guns if you believe that! She'll settle in. Might as well! We're here for good. Heavier accent here - maybe because you're excited or happy about it


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
17 004299D2 004299E9 For crying out loud, where's my tools?
18 004299EA Wouldn't you know, the house needs swept already.
19 004299EB Those raiders aren't way out the road, they're just over there.
20 004299EC Don't shut the light around here at night. You never know who's gonna try to sneak in.
21 004299ED Everybody just needs to do their jobs, then this place'll be great.
48 00597810 Foundation is growing everyday. I can't build as fast as Ward needs.
59 004299D3 00429A2C Sup with you?
60 00429A2D This place gets rowdy, you gonna go ghost on us?
61 00429A2E It's been a couple three, hasn't it? How you doing?
62 00429A2F I'm always carrying my tools anymore around here. Everything needs fixed.
63 00429A30 Civilization will be rebuilt on Foundation, but it's going to take a lot of work.
119 0057BB75 Come join us for some music. We play every night.
120 0057BB76 Every night we play music on the deck. You don't want to miss it.
121 0057BB77 This is a great way to end the day.
122 0057BB78 Its nice to relax to some music at the end of the day.
123 0057BB79 Time to get some shut eye.
124 0057BB7A Time for bed. I'm tired. Building this place is hard work.
125 0057BB7C Morning. greeting
131 00597821 I've got no time for traitors.
132 00597822 Kiss my ass you bastard. We all know what you've done.
133 00597823 Piss off. You should be ashamed of yourself after what you've done.
145 0059F00D Another day of hard work.
146 0059F00E Afternoon. greeting
147 0059F00F Evening. greeting
190 0058EC9D 0059F2B5 Appalachia's a strange place. So much land... good land.
239 0059F28F 0059F2B0 We get by. Better than that since coming here. Paige kept us all together through some rough times.
240 It's good to set down some roots. I haven't seen Davie this happy... well, ever. Kids are crazy resilient, though.
241 0059F290 0059F2B3 But it's got it's challenges. I guess nowhere's really "good" to raise a family any more.
242 0059F291 0059F2B2 Well, it wasn't exactly our choice... if you catch my meaning.
243 But what's the alternative? As a species we can't just roll over and die -- we got to fight, right?
244 0059F292 0059F2B4 Whatever you say. Gruff but friendly
245 0059F294 0059F2AF Whole stretches of country up north is just cratered.
246 And the few fields that'll grow anything, let's just say what comes out of the ground makes the geiger counter go crazy.
247 Appalachia's deadly -- but at least here we stand a chance.
248 0059F295 0059F2B1 Pittsburgh. Born and bred. My roots went back there four or... five? Generations.
249 Had to leave, though. It's... Just don't go north. Trust me.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
231 005751A5 0057BB7B I've made a lot of friends here in Foundation. Nobody special yet though, if you know what I mean.