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Appalachia's a strange place. So much land... good land. But it's got its challenges. I guess nowhere's really "good" to raise a family any more.

Derrick Taylor is a member of the Settlers residing in Foundation.


Derrick was born and raised in Pittsburgh, stating his roots go back to at least four or five generations.[1] After the Great War, the city fell on the hands of raiders, taking many civilians as slaves, including Derrick, who worked at rebuilding the city for their enslavers.

At some point, he met a raider enforcer by the name Elsie. Both shared their distaste at their jobs, and eventually fell in love. They wanted to leave, and after having a child, Davie, as a result of an unintentional pregnancy, they orchestrated an escape. Derrick hates guns, but that day Elsie made him use one, though he never hit anything he aimed at. They managed to escape, and during the next years, Derrick and his family always kept moving, never staying on the same spot for more than a week. Elsie considered that was not the way to raise a child, but all that finally changed when they arrived at Foundation.[2]

Ever since settling in Foundation, Derrick has had much work as a carpenter and constructor.[3] He and Elsie are highly protective of their son Davie, as he is one of the first of the post-War generation. Derrick has little to say of Pittsburgh other than that Appalachia is leagues above the former city.[4] If questioned about his past in the Pitt, Derrick prefers not to talk about it, advising Vault Dwellers not to go north, ever.[1]

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Black fisherman's overalls
Wedding ring


Derrick Taylor appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.

Behind the scenes

  • Derrick is erroneously referred to as "Derrick Hale" in the Fallout 76 credits. This is because Derrick's voice actor, Neil Kaplan, also voiced Emerson Hale.
  • Derrick appears to have an interest in cooking. Elsie mentions he baked a pie. Penelope Hornwright has some cut terminal entries after moving to Foundation in which her terminal mentions Derrick brought her a casserole.



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