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You got his book? Dermot, this bitch got your book! She got your book!

Dermot's ledger is a paper note in Fallout: New Vegas.


The ledger appears on the table in Dermot's room in the Casa Madrid Apartments after speaking with Captain Parker, initiating the quest The Coyotes.



Going to be a little different than the one I kept for hauling scrap ha ha. But Ive always been a strong believer in keeping straight books.

Teen girl - 500 caps
Adult man, 38 - 0 caps

True to his word paid top money for the girl. Plus bonus for first delivery. But paid nothing for girls father who took a swing at him when untied. Got to keep em more secured. Also keep SJ off the girls as even fiends dont want used goods.

Adult woman (28) - 250 caps
Old woman - 25 caps
Old man - 25 caps
Baby (boy?) - 0 caps

Got to be more careful selecting what we deliver. Runner liked the woman of course but the babys worthless except to make sure the woman does as shes told. Her parents next to worthless. Shouldve killed and left them. On the bright side Runner says we can start dealing with fiends closer by so no more dragging folks all the way to vault three.

Teen girl - 400 caps
Teen boy - 150 caps
Child girl (7?) - 50 caps

More like it. Learned from past and got rid of mom and dad along the way. Tried to get more for the young one I said hey give her time to sprout. But Nephi wouldn't have it. Kept SJ off the girls so long as he got his damn teddy. Hes a sick one but I guess the work calls for it.

Adult woman - 200 caps
Teen girl - 400 caps
Teen girl - 400 caps
Teen boy - 100 caps

Did not like dealing with this cook cook. Didn't know if hed pay us or burn us. I guess what they do with them once they got them is up to them isnt my business but he didn't even wait for us to turn the corner before he was torching the boy and making the womenfolk watch. Lets hope to deal with Nephi next time.

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