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You have extra inherent protection against physical attacks.Fallout 2 description

Dermal Impact Assault Enhancement is an implant perk in Fallout 2. The Dermal Impact Armor perk is required to get it and to replace the previous perk.


This improvement of the Dermal Impact Armor implant consists of extra assault-issue impact plates crammed under the skin that double the strength of the original grafts and the resistance to physical trauma and concussive damage.

However, all of these metal plates under the skin deform the natural shape of the skeleton and the body, the angular form reduces the charisma of the recipient. The recipients are also advised to try to stay out of the sun until most of the scabs slough off.


Once in possession of the Dermal Impact Armor perk and a combat armor, this can be obtained from:


Gives +10% Damage Resistance against normal and explosion damage, but removes 1 point of Charisma.


  • The operation takes five days.
  • Combat armor Mk II and Brotherhood armor cannot be used instead of combat armor.
  • At different points in-game, it is referred to as "Dermal Impact Assault Enhancement" or "High Impact."

Behind the scenes

  • Dermal Impact Assault Enhancement shares the same Vault Boy image as Dermal Impact Armor.
  • The image for this perk is inspired by the Arnold Schwarzenegger character from the 1991 science fiction action film Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

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