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Deputy Beagle's journal is a holotape in Fallout: New Vegas.


It can be acquired by pickpocketing or killing Deputy Beagle, or taken from his inventory after choosing a dialogue option to give him a weapon.


This is most unusual! The Powder Gangers have visitors today. I guess there's a first for everything! Now those tough-looking fellows must be Great Khans. I recognize those funny helmets and leather vests from stories I've heard...

So what are they doing with that dapper gentleman who wears a checked suit? I wouldn't mind a suit like that. They're talking about heading south toward Nipton, then west to Novac where they'll meet up with someone...

I guess I could track them if I needed to, but the town of Primm needs me here, to serve and protect.

Oh my. I think I've been spotted...


In his journal, Beagle states that Benny is heading "west to Novac", when Novac is in fact to the east of Primm.