The Department of Agriculture was the branch of the United States federal government officially responsible for managing and regulating agriculture.


The Department of Agriculture, due to its innocuous official role, was used by the Enclave to secretly support the construction of the Congressional Bunker beneath the Whitespring Resort. Various shipments of high-tech machinery, equipment, and weaponry, including MODUS, were delivered to the Congressional Bunker through the Department of Agriculture under the false pretext that they were part of the bunker's automation effort.[1][2]

On August 16, 2077, Senator Sam Blackwell received a confidential memo from an intelligence officer identified only as "T" who had begun to uncover the wide-ranging conspiracy behind the bunker thanks to Blackwell's partial control of the bunker's budget. By tracking invoice 417604, a shipment personally ordered for the bunker by Secretary Thomas Eckhart, "T" confirmed that the conspiracy was being spearheaded by Eckhart, but also speculated that it may reach all the way to the presidency.[2] Shortly thereafter, Blackwell abandoned his office and went into hiding with his daughter for their safety; not long before the Great War, Blackwell conducted an interview with Charleston Herald reporter Quinn Carter to try and warn the American public about the Enclave.[3]

Known projectsEdit

  • Budding Patriots Initiative[4]
  • Congressional Bunker Food Preservation Initiative[4]
  • National Water Enhancement Initiative[4]
  • American Crop Protection Initiative[4]


The Department of Agriculture is mentioned in Fallout 76.


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